Why Bharatiyas Are Not Proud Of India?



Living in one of the most colourful country in the world where cultures diversify and meet in an ocean of one religion name “Indian”. We all known India looks good in words and out of the many Indians many are such who are not proud of their country. Why should they be proud of India because of the religion battles or murder or the rape or the corruption or the poverty and the list is never ending.

Once called “SONE KI CHIDIYA” (the golden bird) is no more the golden bird which attracted the Mughals, Britishers who fell in love with India but that was the old times new “India” is different where the fellow citizen criticize and swear their country because living in India is not easy you need to protect your money you need to protect the women you need to protect the poor getting below a vehicle so much stress on a common man so why should be proud of such a country.

In this country a women is not safe and free to walk, What kind of country is this?

In this country no one knows whether you are sitting on a bomb or a terrorist is coming to attack you, What kind of country is this?

Engineers get there result printed according to their wish by paying cash, What kind of country is this?

Corruption is followed like a religion in this country, What kind of country is this?

We can keep on writing and it won’t stop.

But every coin has two side, Let’s look at the other side who and why the people proud of the country?

The Indian Army is the third largest in the world its run by some “PROUD INDIANS” who also face the same problem but are ready to lose their breathe for the country, they stand tall at night so that the Indians can sleep of the country they are proud off.  Children lost their father who was protecting their country so instead of blaming the country they join army to be like their father and die for the country that country where some are not proud of it.

An IRS officer leaves his job an old man starves to death for this a country and sleeps and eats on the street to fight against the corruption for the betterment of the country and becomes Chief Minister just for the country which have some countrymen not proud of their country.

Rape occurs weekly in India in all age group right from the age group 2 years to 99 years what kind of society we live in and people who are not proud of the country are right of not being proud of this country but “ITS AN INDIAN WHO RAPES AN INDIAN AND DESTROYS AN INDIANS LIFE LEAVING THE INDIA ASHAMED” we need to think about the Indians who do this make this countrymen not being proud the country we are living in.

Many citizens says especially the youth that In this country Patriotism is limited to Independence day and Republic day but next time before saying this think about your brothers at the border defending you everyday think about the great personalities who gave up their life for your freedom think about the poor who doesn’t have food to eat and stop and take strict action against those who try to harm the women of our country.

Just by criticizing and by swearing on the country is not going to change anything respond, contribute and by taking an action will make the people who are not proud of this country proud INDIA. “JAI HIND.

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