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Have you ever suffered from any baseless feelings of anger, fear, jealousy etc. without any valid or even a foolish reason. You just cannot make out where these feelings are born inside you without your license. You are not able to control it and it captains you. You feel annoyed and caged; want to chuck this shit virus out of you. It affects your mood and behavior with your family, peer and friends.

You just can’t do anything to stop it. These feelings do have a connection. Ever thought??? The unfortunate answer is found out when we go to this fear deeply and kill it rather uproot it. And enter out as a peaceful and free person. It’s my very own experience which I am sharing. At such times the only way that helps us out is to MEDITATE. We need to sit calmly and give our soul some time. We need to face the fear. We need to go deep into our minds, tissues, cells and all those scientific organs – deeply. And uproot the dark part which is haunting us. Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.


You will find yourself surrendering completely. You will feel the peace. All you need to do is keep on falling… and falling… and remove all the sackles tied to you. Feel free. It’s the journey to reach the core in you and welcome the fear and storm while going to the deep. You will have to welcome your fear. Understand it. Resolve it. And do what is right. Everyone’s problems and fears differ. You need to go to the depth of you. Yourself. You will find yourself more free and peaceful.

You will flow with the path your soul takes you. There will come a stage when you will face a black huge spot. You need to enter it. You cannot fear – remember you need to welcome your fear. You may cry, shake, sweat but when your meditation visualizes these things you will set yourself sinking. The pains will sink and give rise to peace. You will find the innocent you – at your core.

The innocent soul. Peeling the layers and the journey to reach your core deeply – is when you will DISCOVER YOURSELF! Find the Real You in You! It’s not every day when you sit to meditate for hours to this extent – to discover yourself. When life slaps you, you are going through or went through a unusual crisis – maybe a disease, you really need to DISCOVER YOURSELF. As said in my before article it’s the healing journey. We all are Diamonds. Pure, shining diamonds.


When we are born, we come in as a pristine, pure, flawless diamond and through the course of life we dump a lot of emotional ‘shit’ on top of it, and destroy its natural brilliance and radiance. Then, when we become adults we paint varnish (wax) over it, to make it appear shiny and presentable. All we have done is put a hard polished color over a bunch of crap but when we present it to the world saying ‘this is who I am,” we wonder why no one is interested or ‘buys it’.

Then one day, if we are lucky, through some act of kindness, or through a trans formative seminar, book, a crisis, a disease, or some other gifts of life, we might have the great fortune to break and crack the unreal created brittle surface. Then for a while it might seem as if we all were doing is digging through the brown stuff. But eventually, underneath it all, we unearth the priceless diamond that has always been there – shining, pristine, pure and exquisitely beautiful. What you discover about yourself – is true, and our real identity. It’s not something which is coated or unreal. It’s the real you. You will learn the things you really love to do and find where your comfort lies.

You will find a work which makes you the effortless being. And trust me knowing this, knowing your identity – is immensely consummate. It’s the best radiant feeling. The present moment is full of joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it. You will free yourself from all your unjustified issues – since you have uprooted them now and faced your fear. You have walked your talk. .


It’s predominant to discover yourself and know WHO YOU ARE. It is. This will help you by building your strong belief on yourself and others. It won’t be again when you will be annoyed with stupid unjustified feelings and anger. You will be set free. You will know who you are. Give it a try someday, enter the journey to find yourself and leave a pure peaceful life. Remember – “to a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders “. Love yourself. Live for yourself.


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