Both the HR functions are an important part of implementing the selling strategy. But it is not enough. Training is also very necessary.


The implementation of this process is not simple. It has to consider both the kind and number of the sales personnel.

Internal sources of recruitment

1.         Company Sales Personnel:

Most of the people apply in the company in which they know some employee in any of the department of the organisation, as recommendation of these people exerts influence in recruiting process.


A)           These people are aware of the company policies so can start their work immediately.

B)           This is a good method when jobs are to be filled in remote areas.

C)           Sales people of a particular area know much more about that area so their recommendation should be considered.


Sales personnel may show discrimination and less potential employees may be selected.

2.         Company Sales Personnel:

Here recommendations of sales manager the president and other marketing executive are considered.


a)            These people understand much better the needed qualification so their recommendation yield top caliber people.

b)            These people are experienced so their judgement is quite fair.




a)         The chances of discrimination occur though to a very small extent

3.         Internal transfers

The other sources of recruitment are internal transfer from other departments and non-selling section of sales department.


a)            These people know each and everything about the company.

b)            Company on the other hand also know every thing about the employees

c)            These people exhibit excellent knowledge about the product.


Nothing is known about the selling aptitude of these persons.

4.         Direct unsolicited applications

Every company receives uninvited, “Walk in” and “Write- in” application for sales positions, these are Direct unsolicited applications.


a)            This is quite a useful method because most of the managers think that these people are imitative takers and exhibit selling aggressiveness.

b)            This is economical method.


a)            Some times the proportion of the qualified applicants from this source is low.

b)            It does not provide a steady flow of applicants.

5.         Employment agencies

Seeking and taking help of these agencies is other method of recruitment. Employment agencies maintain a pl of qualified applicants and provide the organisation, when required for a fees.


a)            A lot of time of employees is saved, as recruitment and selection are very long processes.

b)            Agencies often conduct a number of tests to find out the potential candidate, best suitable to an organisation.


a)            Sometimes agencies nominate wrong people just to get the placement fees.

6.         Sales people making calls on the company

Here the purchasing Director is in contact with the sales personnel from other Companies and in a position to evaluate their on –the –job performance.


High caliber people may be approached.


a)            Salary offered to them is usually high. Thus it is more costly

b)            These people are less trust worthy.

7.         Employees of Customers.

Some companies regard their customers as recruiting source and attract Sales staff from them.


a)            Usually customer recommends top calibrated people for the job.

b)            Such transfers may have favourable effect on the morale of the customer’s organisation.

8.         Sales Executive Club
Many Sales Executive Club operates placement services at Club meeting exchange of useful information jay occur by informal discussions. The platform may be used to attract a performing executive in an organisation.


9.         Sales Force of Non-competing Companies

In this source individual’s who are working as sales personnel in other non-competing firms are attracted to fill in a vacancy in an organisation.


a)            Selling experiences.

b)            These people can tell about product line if they are working in related companies.

c)            This source provides a channel for career advancement for dead-=end jobs.

10.       Sales force of competing companies.

In this source individual’s who are working as sales personnel in other non-competing firms are attracted to fill in a vacancy in an organisation.


a)            They have experience of selling similar products to similar markets.

b)            Require minimal training.


a)            Costly method as attract a competitor’s sales force may require offering an attractive package.

b)            The selected person may be less trust worthy.

11.       Educational Institutions:

Here recruitment is done from Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges, BusinessSchools, High Schools and night schools.



a)            These people are mature enough and have reached a certain educational level.

b)            These students would be in search of job and new to the industry so work with full labour and energy.


a)            Lack of experience

b)            A rigorous and expensive training session is required.

An appropriate and effective method should be used so


That high potential and top caliber people are recruited and selected.

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