The Happily Ever After…




Last night was a total dullard for me, I haven’t had any food, just some dirty water. I woke up in the morning besides a gutter with an empty stomach so I just took God’s name and made a vow to myself that “Today is not the day I sleep empty stomach”.

    So I begin marching with conviction and diligence. It was 7 in the morning and I met some school-going chaps, they threw stones at me and I ran away, some of them even called me names and I saw one chap got offended. It is so embarrassing when they do this, these kids surely need to buy some manners.

   Moving on I went straight to the market, and guess what? I found some food over there. But before I ’embark on the journey of satisfying my stomach’ the evil aunty and few of her sorority sisters devour my food and went back with their wicked grin on their faces.

    Shit ! I am so hungry. As I walked onto the dirty pavements of this vandalized city I found the veterans discussing the scarcity of food and shelter, one of the guy was delivering a useless sermon of which I walked after a few hours.

  I went hovering around in one of the sophisticated streets of the city where everyone was in their Nike sweatpants and silly headphones in their ears. Why everyone is so much concerned about staying fit all day? Look, here I am, not a damn care in the world.

    All this is just an abomination and one day every one of us is going to pay for their miserable lives. Chuck that man! Where was I? Yaa, as I loitered further, there came a red Lamborghini screeching its tires to the asphalt. I was a bit in awe but that wasn’t the end of it, I was totally stunned when the doors open and came out a tantalizing serene beauty that left my tongue wagging like… literally.

   I fancied her, and I wanted her as bad as my food. I mean like no one could have resisted her white coat and her pink cheeks. As she passed by, an eternal zing clenched me and each and every one of the bystander were like ‘preaching to the choir’.

   But still I moved on, because I knew she will be mine only in my dreams.

The next stop was an old lady who was giving away food and clothes to guys like us, The Homeless. I had my share, I ate it and thanked God for blessing me with whatever I got.

  After that I went straight towards my ‘shit hole’ apartment to get a good night’s sleep. As I was about to dose off, there was some hubbub from the neighborhood.

    In the morning when I came into my senses I was in a humongous opulent bungalow and the things I remember from last night were that I was taken and injected with some septic God knows what? But it doesn’t matter. I think I’ve ended up in the right place. I wandered around and… Holy shit ! There came my dream girl flaunting her hairs and stood right in front of me. There. I’ve got everything, I am a millionaire in one night, it’s my dream come true.

   I took a piece of steak from the butler standing right beside me and  pressed one end in my mouth and she volunteered taking the other end and KISS”***

  After all, who thought a small lifespan of a stray dog will turn his ‘lifelong’ prayers and dreams into reality.

 golden retreiver

Story written by:

Monsieur Wilfurt a.k.a

The Stray-Dog turn Millionaire Golden Retriever.


Just Married:

Golden Retriever and Pug.


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