Depression and sorrow


Reading and hearing about lives,wracked with guilt and dejection ending tragically has become an everyday story.Isn’t suicuide a bewildering and utterly stupid way of unleashing their fury or despair and thinking that is an end to all the problems?

 It is just a beginning to all the problems for the people around to whom you mean the moon to. Haven’t you thought of their frame of mind? The clouds of trauma that might surround them. Probably, further in life they might take the same step and think that snuffing out their life is a way out that feeling of wretchedness.

They might blame themselves for those crumbled situations.That they could’nt give you everything. Did you want that? I’m sure you didn’t! There is a point in life where your self-esteem might be in tatters.Those moments of grief mixed with personal struggle which makes you feel you re not worth it.

Blinded by everything,the ceiling fan whirling around you or the rat poison in front of you tempts you enough to end your life.And why?failure in your personal or professional life? or something as silly as boyfriend issues? Ahhh! Suicide is merely for losers! For those who don’t believe in themselves.

Those who give in easily to the nasty bitch called “Life.” And also those who don’t care enough about their loved ones.I’m sure you don’t want to remembered as somebody who snuffed out their life tragically.Somebody who gave up!

 There is point in life you might feel that the carpet has been ripped right from under you and you have been left to pick up the pieces of the dream you’ll never be able to fullfill again!But at that point don’t let your heart dictate over your actions.

Use your brain instead!Be a survivor!The people who ended their lives are often remembered but it ain’t a pleasant memory.They are pitied!I’m sure you’ll prefer being remembered out of admiration of your gutsy persona and talent rather then pity.Who wants it?Eh,me noway!


-Misbaah Mansuri

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