Are you truly Well Cultured?


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A well cultured man is respected and honored every place. Following ones culture is nothing better than having the divine touch. People in India are the most cultured person and have the courtesy to follow one culture without any do’s and don’ts. Following ones culture is the first ritual of our life. Our culture helps us in getting connected with ourselves.

Culture is surely the study of one’s perfection. It helps to correct our pros and cons. It helps us to know what we are from inside. It helps us find the real ‘ME’ inside. Creating our own identity and the real identity inside are the two different things. We are not actually what we are from outside.

We too have pros and cons in our life. We have a different mindset creating a visual conflict that why don’t I follow the culture of other people as it is in fashion his days. But following our own culture is a true fashion in itself.

We must always remember that whatever culture we follow, but we are the children of god and are equally responsible towards others. We should follow every culture but should respect what ours is.

– Jiten Godhania.


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