Suarez – The Serial Biter!


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So you must have watched Suarez bite an opponent. It is impossible that you have not watched a video of Suarez biting his opponent as he has done it not once nor twice but thrice in his career. This time he went for the Italian, he got his fangs into Georgio Chiellini’s shoulders, it is tough to say who got hurt  Chiellini’s bull like shoulders or Suarez’s strong teeth who has tasted human flesh in the past two times. On a serious note, Suarez got a 9 competitive international matches ban and a 4 month ban from any footballing activity including going to stadium or training.

Seems harsh? Not really as this was his third strike. You just cannot go on and bite your opponents as if you are hungry. Many thought Suarez got away as it is not a severe ban, may be they are right as you just cannot do the same thing so many times. But it will surely be a difficult ban for him, his club Liverpool and his country Uruguay who are already out of the World Cup.

Uruguay lost against Columbia in the knockout rounds and might miss Suarez in many competitive matches to be exact 9. 4 months of no footballing activity so no training, no friendly or reserve games, it will be a loss to Liverpool as they will be playing more than 10 games without the striker unless of course as the rumors suggest, he is sold to Barcelona.

If he is sold to Barca or Madrid as the rumors say, it might not be that big of a loss as these teams do have good attack but for Liverpool, not having your best man will be difficult.

– Jainam Jhaveri

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