History Of The Premier League


Premier League Premier League or just Premiership (English: Premier League / Premiership) division is the highest level of English football. It officially named Barclays Premier League (Barclays Premier League) because of its sponsor – English Barclays Bank. The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world and the richest Cup in Europe.

Founded in 1992 and currently competing in her twenty team. In sixteen played so far season of Premiership champions are only be four teams: Manchester United (ten times), Arsenal (three times) Chelsea (twice) and Blackburn Rovers (once). Current champion is the team of Manchester United won the title in last round of the season 2007/08.

In the early 90’s of 20 century English football started to recover positions. The national team

reached the semi-finals of World Cup in Italy in 1990, part of the stadium are reconstructed after application of Reporting rules by Taylor for safety at football stadiums. This helps to increase the interest from fans who lead both to higher rates of matches and additional financial money from television rights.
At the end of the 1990/91 season, clubs from the then English First Division decide to create a new league, which financially to manage themselves teams, a sport-technical – by FA. The goal is very clubs to negotiate with sponsors and agree to sell television rights to matches. Official document forming the principles of existence of the new structure is signed on July 17, 1991

In 1992 all teams by the then First Division is en bloc seceding from the Football League and on May 27 In 1992 formally established the new company, called the FA Premier League. This distorts structure of English football there was no change in the past 104 years. The new Premier League takes place on top of English football pyramid and the old First Division (which retains its name) already covers the second level in the football hierarchy. Reserved are links between all divisions (and climb to relegation Teams between levels).

The first season of The Premier League is held in 1992/93 Take part in the league 22 teams. Sheffield United player of Brian Dean scored the first goal in the history of Premiership victory in his team with 2:1 against Manchester United.

In 1995 the number of teams in the Premiership was reduced to 20. They are so today, despite FIFA’s proposals to reduce them, 18 made in the summer of 2006.

Premier League Teams have full discretion to choose the number and the type of players who purchase. Rules the tournament does not impose any ceiling the amount of money given wage nor the number of players filing. The only rules are restrictive those of the immigration authorities who grant working visas to players from countries outside the European Union.

In the first round of the first Premiership season in 1992/93, only 11 is the number of players outside Britain and Ireland, which began as principals for their teams. Through 2000/01 total strangers is 36%. By season 2004/05 the percentage increased to 45%. On December 29, 1999 became the first Chelsea team from the Premier League starting line-up, done only by foreigners. On 14 February 2005 Arsenal out a composition in which both holders and reserves (total of 16 players) are foreigners.

In relation to concerns, that English clubs prefer to buy cheap foreign players instead of developing their soccer schools Ministry of Interior the United Kingdom in 1999 have highly restricted for a working visas to players outside the European Union. Candidate for such visa must prove that he participated at least 75% of official matches of the its national team in two previous years. The only other way is clubs to demonstrate that this foreign player has a huge talent and would help the development of many game in England.

At present the teams Premiership play over 260 players, not born in the British Isles. The class of the majority of them speak the fact that the World Cup in Germany in 2006 playing a total of 102 players from teams from the Premiership among which 21 of the 23-Mata of internationals England.




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