Stay Connected : Creative Ways To Get In Touch With People Who Are Far From You


connect with family

We always want to stay with our loved ones. They are the ones with whom we can share all the problems of our lives. They are always there for us whenever we need them. But what if they are not with us and somewhere far from us? There is no need to worry about. Nowadays there are many ways through which we can contact the person who are far away from us. Here are some ways to connect you with your loved ones:


  1. Letters

These is the oldest method of connecting people far away from you. In olden days people used to communicate people by sending letters to them. Nowadays these type of communication does not work anymore, as the society has got advanced and many new ways of communication has took place. But still we can continue the old era by sending letters to our loved ones who are far away from us.

  1. Mobile phones

Everyone has a mobile phone in today’s life. You can connect people who stay far away from you through mobile phones. You can connect people anywhere around the world with the help of your phone. There are many schemes available in mobile phones through which you can call from mobile in cheaper prices. The network quality has also improved in the mobile phones. So it is the best way to connect people living far away from you.

social networking

  1. Social Networking Sites

There are many social networking sites through which you can connect with people who are far away from you. This way is also very cheap and the communication in this way is faster. Some examples of social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. These are all the social networking sites through which you can connect to people far away from you. It just needs an internet connection. You can also share photos, videos and posts through social networking sites. This way is widely used by people to connect with loved ones.


  1. E-mail

E-mail means electronic mail. It is used to send letters through electronic way. We can also send attachments of photos, videos and documents through e-mail. We can also chat through e-mail.  We can send important information through mails. It is the most modern way to communicate and send the important information to them.

  1. Webcam

Webcam is a video camera connected to a computer, allowing us to see a person in a computer and also that person can see us if he also has a webcam. It is the most interesting way to connect people. With these type of communication we feel like the people who are far away from us are exactly in front of us. We can see each other and also can talk to each other in a most amazing way.

These ways will always help you to stay in touch with your dear ones. You can always talk to them and share all your gossips and also give all the latest news feed. 

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Shreya Rathod


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