Bhavishyavani Is That By 2020, All Your ‘Smart’ Friends Are Going To Ruin Your Life


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Smart phones, smart televisions, smart laptops and what not the list of smart things is list endless and cannot be counted on our fingers. Today anything we want is just a phone call or email away from us the best example would be of the smart service of e commerce. The tag of smart is not only restricted to products it can also be used for the latest best service known as E-Commerce. It may be an old concept but has gained immense popularity among the masses in the recent times. There are many applications related with e-commerce such as online banking, electronic tickets, online shopping cart, automated online assistant, social networking, etc!

All these services or rather facilities have made one’s life quite easy. Today life is way different from what it used to be 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. We are improvising each passing day. But is so much of improvisation good for humans? Today we all have knowingly or unknowningly developed a common habit using the internet for every possible reason. We are so used to the internet that even one day if we are told to stay away from surfing the network the first thing which comes to our mind would be – what will do without internet the whole day.

First going out with friends for shopping, spending the whole day with our favorite people around, and enjoying with them would be everyone’s holiday plan. Nowadays people like to buy stuff online and enjoy socializing through social networking sites or applications all thanks to internet. We are so much into our virtual world that sometimes we forget our real world. Coming back to E-Commerce, Yes! It definitely has made our lives and comfortable but it was invented or rather developed for our development and not for ruining us.

The use of any product or service to an extent is good. We should learn to draw a line between necessity and addiction.

And thereby, we should control ourselves so that our habits don’t turn in addictions.

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Afifa Qureshi


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