My Open Letter To The ‘Exams’, Hope It Educates Itself To Read This One Day



Dear Exams,

                     I know you are upper fine always and your life is happening and I won’t ask when you are coming to meet me because you are the only question whom I prefer doesn’t come ever. But you are a permanent and un invited guest who without fail visits us twice in a year…Is it not possible if you don’t come this time? I am sure none of us will feel bad.

I know it hurts you when we tell you don’t come but then we are helpless what to do? The first question for you is who made you and why? Even if they made you then why don’t you come easy why so difficult and sometimes you are a surprise too…When we don’t have the answers to your questions…Now I am asking you so much questions I hope you won’t take my case when you come by asking me difficult answers.

You know you just come but when we even know about your our whole life is shaken. Even if we don’t bother about you but our parents and teachers do they are constantly sitting on our heads so that we prepare for you arrival…our life becomes hell behind your preparations and as you come closer it becomes worse….Our cell phones are taken, we are not allowed to watch TV and not even go out but only study for you…

It doesn’t end there we are warned that we got to treat well and answer everything you ask write and perfectly. If we get everything correct on that you ask then e are give new cell phone, shopping money, increase in our pocket money and everything that we want….and if we answer your questions wrong then you can’t imagine what happens with us…Not only our parents but even our neighbors will start torturing….You are good for nothing ? You won’t achieve anything in life….You can’t even imagine how dressing you can be both before and after your arrival?

Please think about us sometimes…we are afraid of you more then the terrorists…so just a request you are coming on the 16th April, just come in our favor and request all those who evaluate you to be lenient with us and pass us all….You decide our future and our happiness….so please avoid surprise and difficult questions…come with those questions that we know…we will stop abusing you rather start praising you…so please grant our small request…


With love,

All the students…

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