When I Was 16, Something Got Changed In My Life


when i was 16

Till the age of 16, I was very naïve person didn’t really know what the actually world and that there are so many different people around. This is the age when you step into a new world no more under the mantle protection of parents and at the same time no more being with the school friends whom we spend the entire 15 years of life…

Now we step in a new world with new atmosphere and that is we step into college life. Now we have nobody to leave us every morning as most of us have to travel at far places for our college all on our own. The life which we always wanted in school as we felt it is just like eating a pie now it becomes a heavy task like preparing the biryani by yourself and then eating it. Most of us had to travel in those crowded church gate train at 11 to reach college by 12:30 since we were in junior college and get squeezed massaged and drained in the train in order to reach home…this is the time that within six months of college life we start missing our school life and our homes and want to get it back desperately…

My life was not different the only difference with me was that I was 15 when I stepped college life while those with me were 15…I too was very excited about college life and had a picture in mind about college like those we see on TV…Partying and hanging out with friends, prom nights, Macerate party and god knows what else…The most important thing that we all think and what even I thought was that we don’t have to study much it is a time for relaxing and chilling…but the reality was totally different…

When I turned sixteen, I was still within myself…simply college to home…home to college…with just a school friend who was luckily with me and so I could say I knew at least one person. We both were not good friends we were more a need to each other as we both had no company…till the month of September where we actually opened up spoke to each other shared our secrets and by December there was a event in a parish which got us close and we became best friends and that we still are and will remain forever and she is my only soul mate…My pilla what I call her… (Blushes)

Then it was just the both of till a guy came in her life and they both started liking each other…though it dint last long but made us happy I got a new friend and she got to know  person…wherein the cupid in the relationship was me…and was hurt when the parted away but then it was all cool…By the end of December e even got to know a guy in the French class who was in the same class but we never notice him and he said he likes me…I was shocked because I never thought that some guy could even like me ( laughs) and there were all butterflies in my stomach though I dint like him…but a day before another guy acme in my life and I was dating him simply because my best friend was….excitement you see to know things…and the other guy still kept trying for a year and a half never gave up….and I eventually broke up with the guy I was dating as he wanted me to do things I dint like…

Even though all this was happening…it never affected my studies…instead I was among the good students in a academics and eventually made new friends and me and my bestie started hanging out with them and at the same time came to know how fake certain people were….Then came valentine’s day and the guy who liked me still did the same and it was his birthday and I went to wish him wherein he simply acme and hugged and that was the first time ever I hugged a guy and I felt weird there was a current that flowed in my body and the entire class so it and they started to tease us and for no reason we came to be called as couple which I dint like (grins)….

By then we were all preparing for boards and this guy came home and told my mom he likes me and every weekend we use to hangout together and those time he use to stay back so that he could be with me…but then still he had no chance…then came a guy whom I met through face book and just fell for him by his sweet talk and then started dating him…but within two months we broke up…and that’s the time I realized what does trusting in a person mean and what is a heartbreak…I couldn’t get over him and somehow because of my bestie who as always with me tried to forget but dint  really happen I gave my boards and got done with the exams…

By then the guy who liked me liked somebody else and was I was jealous…because he use to like me so couldn’t bare that attention just going away….then came my birthday was again hurt because many of my friends dint turn up except the few faithful ones….

I turned 17 now and was still depressed because first time I fell in love and the guy broke my heart…but then you see God never forsakes you and within 3 months co incidentally met my childhood friend on face book who typically like other guys proposed me but I dint react…as I just wanted a friend…but then we met, spoke became friends and  he was so sincere he just opened up his entire life in front of me and told me everything and then stated he really loves me…. only after a month or 2 we started dating each other’s and today it is going to be 3 years he is like n angel the person whom I always wanted My Mr.Perfect and now my life is perfect not only because of my family but My pilla and My baby too who make me feel special always and I see a bright future with my love…..

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