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Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Yes? No? Let me answer that. All our lives are nothing else but roller coaster and hence we experience these rides every minute. There are ups and downs, twists and turns and once we are on it, there is no go backs until we reach the end.

We need to face everything head –on! Yes, I agree that no matter how optimistic a person wants to be, life is always there to counter attack you. But is that to stop you? No. It’s to make you stronger in each day of your life.

Motivational speakers and authors could provide you a lot of knowledge but these sources are nothing as compared to what your life could teach you through experience. So the best thing to do is take any day at a time with no regrets.

Thinking and introspecting the past gives scope to find faults and gives birth to regression. Life is not about the regrets that we reminisce, it’s about the lessons that we learn.

Obstacles and bumps are present in every stage of a person’s life. There isn’t any equality in the share of troubles that a person destined to face. But how to face it is all up to us! We could be guided and guarded but it is us who has to go through all the life hurdles. Different people adapt to different methods to get their problems out of their head.

Some adapt repression, some distraction, some diversion and some heavy reaction. But all those actions are momentary. It’s like an illusion..You think your problem is solved whereas it’s still hiding there and comes out from time to time. And as creepy as that sounds, the problem haunts you until you don’t get rid of it for good.

Ignoring the problem mind soothe and subdue you for a while yes, but then again, how long can you ignore it? It’s like it takes a rent free space in your mind.

Something dies when it is uprooted. Similarly, for your difficulties to end, they need to be uprooted, so that new challenges can grow for you to face with twice the strength and courage. And as it is aptly said, don’t wait for the storm to pass, just learn to dance in the rain.

–  Anwesha Rath

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