Top 5 Problems BMS Students Face While Giving Power Point Presentations (PPTs)


Top 5 Problems BMS Students Face While Giving Power Point Presentations (PPTs)

Projects are an integral part of a BMS student’s life. The 1st and 2nd year projects don’t carry marks but the 3rd year does. Projects can be of any different types like case study, book reviews, questionnaires, videos and many more but the most common and difficult one is the power point presentation. You need to have many skills and confidence to perform well in a presentation.


Here are a few problems BMS students face while giving a PPT in class:

  1. Lack of confidence.

Confidence is of utmost importance while presenting a PPT in front of crowd. If you have stage fright, you are likely to stutter and murmur a lot which will lead to a bad presentation.  Even taking long pauses and sighing can cause the presentation to be unpleasant.


  1. Looking at the PPT and reading because you’re not prepared.

At least one out of 5 members has not read and prepared for the presentations and they read word to word from the PPT on the computer or the projector wall. You will be confused as to what content is on which page and what do you have to read and explain exactly. This gives off a bad impression to the teacher and you would score less marks too.



  1. Not knowing which slide is next in order.

While presenting, if you want to change slides, you have to know which slide comes next and what content you are going to talk about in each slide. If you’re not prepared thoroughly, you can make mistakes and lose interest of the audience.


  1. Distraction from the crowd.

Since the crowd in this case will be your classmates, you might have a bad time being serious as there can be some mischievous pranksters who will not let you concentrate. But you need to focus on your presentation and not get diverted and distracted by them. Or else, you will only end up losing points.

 boring presentation

  1. Voice modulation and public speaking skills.

You may be confident and you have learnt everything by heart but are you a good public speaker? You need to have the skills to speak in a clear tone and you must be audible to the crowd. You should be able to generate interest in the audience and speak to them in such a manner that makes them understand everything. These skills will come with practice.

 public speaking



Presentations are really important when you enter a business firm. You will have to make presentations based on N number of activities in the company. You have to be good and effective in public speaking and presentations skills to excel in the company.


All this can be improved by practice and making more presentations in class and in front of an audience will help you know your weaknesses, and it can be improved upon. You will learn more and more when you start taking projects from college, and this will help you do well later on in life so don’t take it lightly.


-Rhea Shetty.

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