Chp.1. Investment


Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Financial Investments

(b) Investment attributes.

Q.2) State and explain the structure of financial system.

Chp. 2. Portfolio Management

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Objectives of Portfolio Management.

(b) Efficient Market Theory Approach to Investment decision making.

(c) State & explain approaches to construction of portfolio.

Chp. 3 Investment Alternatives

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Explain any 3 non Marketable financial Assets.

(b) Certificate of Deposits.

Q.2) What is Mutual fund? State Advantages and various types of Mutual fund scheme.

Chp.4 Portfolio Management Framework

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Portfolio Revision.

(b) Performance Evaluation Measures.

Chp. 5. Securities Market

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Primary Market

(b) Secondary Market

Q.2) State and Explain participants in the Securities Market

Chp. 6. Public Issue

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) IPO and FPO

(b) Benefits of Listing

(c) Corporate Governance

(d) Book building process.

Q.2) State and Explain principal steps in an IPO with recent example of IPO

Chp. 7. Prospectus for Issue of Shares

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Define Redherring prospectus.

(b) Types of prospectus.

Chp. 8. Time Value of Money

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Concept of Time Value of Money

(b) Future value of an Annuity

Chp. 9. Risk and Return

A Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

To assess your risk tolerance, seven questions are given below. Each question is followed by three possible answers. Circle the letter that corresponds to your answer.

  1. Just six weeks after you invested in a stock, its price declines by 20 percent. It the fundamentals of the stock have not changed, what would you do?

(a)    Sell

(b)   Do nothing

(c)    Buy more

Chp. 10. Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Technical V/s Fundamental Analysis

Chp. 11. Valuation of Debentures

A bond of  1000 face value carrying a interest of 14%. Is redeemable after 6 years at a premium of 5 %. If required return is 15 %.What is present value of bond.

Chp. 12. Valuation of Equity

Q.1) Concept Testing

(a) Intrinsic Value of share

(b) Equity Share Valuation Model

Questions :-

1. Explain the meaning of Investment, Investment alternatives and Investment avenues.

2. What is Portfolio Management? Explain the Objectives and Principles of Portfolio Construction.

3.      Explain the Role of SEBI.

4.      Write a note on Equity: Balance Sheet Valuation

5.      Write a note on Dividend Discount Model

6.      Write a note on Zero growth and constant growth.

7.      Write a note on Multiple growth model

8.      Write a note on Price earnings ratio model

9. Write a note on Interest rate risk and its determinants.

10. Explain the meaning and types of risk.

11. Explain the fundamental and technical analysis of risk and returns.

12. Explain the Time value of money

13. Explain the non-marketable financial assets.

14. Write a note on Primary Equity market and secondary market.

15. Explain the evaluation of portfolio performances.

16. Write a note on Securities market.

Also Problems/Sums are expected based on the above topics.

P.S. The Question Banks and Important Topics provided by us may or may not appear in the exams. It’s just for you to be aware of the topics related to the subject. Do prepare and study more than this. We are not responsible and are just here to provide you with the best required information.

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