Interview with Mr. Viral Jain, CEO and Founder, Hype


An Interview with Mr. Viral Jain, CEO and Founder, Hype


by Aeman Waghoo, Content Writer,



  • Tell us something about yourself

As a normal teenager, I have millions of thoughts in my mind and I want to execute them to perfection. Creativity inspires me the most. Socializing oneself is the key to be organized, am a positive thinker and friendly.


  • Tell us something about your “HYPE”

HYPE, helping young people to elevate, being an initiative not only makes my dreams come true but the platform it provides for other people to showcase their talent is something worth appreciating. Our aim is to promote young talent and provide them the best exposure, which will enable them to innovate for their own betterment. We work to challenge, inspire, encourage and support.

Our website is a one stop shop where young people can get expert advice, even talk to them. Our website enables them to contact other talented individual and jam their creativity together.

Founded in May 2012.


To help as many young people possible and promote them, helping them achieving their dreams.

Future Plans:

To promote our talented individuals to the international platform.

Products & Services:

HYPE is a platform for young people to showcase their creativity and talent, in the field of photography, paintings, sketches, music, arts, articles, singing.


  • You are an IT Profession. What inspired you to enter in the field of art and creativity? What was the inspiration behind “HYPE”?  

Creativity inspires me the most. I personally believe CHANGE is what people need and innovation is the key to success. Initially HYPE was a dream, which turned out to be an amazing reality. With my hard work and co-operation with my friends and family, HYPE is bound to leave some imprints in everyone’s mind.


  • How was the road to establishment of “HYPE” . Easy, moderate, tough. Describe? 

Road to establishment wasn’t a cake walk, a lot of hard work and research have been put in by my family and me, and the start is a great way to farewell them.


  • What qualities you see apart from the required academic qualification while recruiting a person?

A practical approach towards things is a must. Bookish knowledge is just not sufficient. Innovation and creativity is what we seek. We believe in quality rather than quantity.


  • What is your philosophy towards work?

Dedication is what I believe in, concentrate on just one thing, and give in your best. Stay focused and be consistent towards your work.


  • “Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

This cannot be truer; indeed MANAGEMNT is core to the functioning of human life. Lack of management results in rupture and disorder. Management is an inborn talent; one just has to explore it.


  • Name 3 qualities of prime importance that an entrepreneur should possess.
  1. Passionate
  2. Witty
  3. Patience


  • According to you, what are the top managerial level challenges in current times?

Sustaining the enthusiasm among youth, constantly being in the lime light, keeping the concept fresh and making sure the audience is always thrilled and surprised.


  • Is leadership skill inborn or can be taught through training?

Leadership is inborn yet can be taught through exquisite training. One has to be very receptive in order to be a trained leader. I personally believe that one should explore their inborn leader and try to inculcate new things so as to improve their leadership qualities.


  • Do the name of the institute one pursuing his/her graduation/post graduation or any other course counts for setting up a business?

Not at all! It totally depends upon the individual and how tactfully he manages to sneak towards Start ups.


  • Is it advantageous to take internships along with studies?  How do it benefit?

As mentioned above, being practical is more advantageous rather then pursuing bookish knowledge. Being an intern not only helps in clearing one’s concept towards things but also makes one more confident to face the competition in today’s world.


  • What message would you like to give to the management students?

What I have learned so far is that one should be confident in what he pursues and should be passionate about it. Never back down and stick to your basics. Success is just a door away, one should be patient enough to find the right key which will lead to it.


It’s a rare and appreciable resource tool; is the perfect stop for management students. I hope that more and more people are inspired by our stories and set up to a better tomorrow.
Kudos to you!


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