An interview with Mr. Nitin PR, Creative Director & CEO, NPR Design


by Nida Shaikh, Content Writer,


Name:- Nitin PR
Company:- NPR Design

Tell us something about yourself?
I am a BMS 2006 Graduate (Marketing) from HR College, Mumbai. I am a Graphic and Web Design Professional by skill and now have a new found liking towards digital strategy and marketing. All these skills combined with my super team force, we serve businesses all over the globe.
Tell us something about your business?
NPR Design is a full service digital design and media agency which creates marvels in graphic, web, print and online media and PR activities for Businesses all over the globe. We convert Business names to Brand names. From the basic Branding to the final Marketing Strategy and Design services, we cover everything. Startups and Corporates love us and thank us for the work we do for them which is like nitro for us.
How did the idea of this venture came in?
I was helping my Dad develop his Company website in 2005, did a meeting and received proposals from a couple of vendors. Finally narrowed it down to 1 and he did an exceptional job on the site. Somehow, the entire process developing the site got stretched due to some reasons. In this period, I realized my inputs and design ideas for the web were workable. I did a quick course in design and development online and started with freelance work. Over a couple of years, manage to create some exceptional designs ranging from logos to stationery kits to websites. Then it struck me, if I being alone can do wonders for my clients, why not set up a team and take in more work and do more wonders. That’s when I slowly started increasing my team size and service offering and now we have one of the biggest brand accounts in our kit. It’s been quite a journey and for us as an agency, it has just begun. Long way to go.
What or who (person or ideology) motivates you? (Professionally and personally?
Donald Trump and Bob Proctor inspire me personally and professionally. I believe it’s all a state of mind. You want to do something, just do it. Sounds super bookish but when applied, works well. Also … being a little scared and nervous is a sign that you are moving ahead in life and its perfectly natural. You have to give it a shot, if it does not work at-least you tried. Lot of them don’t even try. You did, so Be PROUD.
What is your philosophy towards work?
Focus | Happiness | Planning | Be nice to clients and your team | Innovation | Being future ready | Loving what we do, that projects in everything we do, right from our pitch presentations to the actual execution of services.
What Secondary services do you offer?
We are focusing heavily in the development of mobile apps and are partnering with a few technology wizards to provide a super product.
Earning more & more is the motive behind any business.” Is it justifiable?
Well, it’s a simple circle…
Love what you do – Know what you are doing – Do it well – Make money – That makes you happy – When you are happy … circle loops. Punch in innovation in it as an added bonus 🙂
According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?
None. As I mentioned earlier, it’s all a state of mind. To fill in this answer, I could mention that proper planning and market research is always a road block. If that is done right, everything falls into place.
Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?
The basic foundation theory is being taught. Keeping that as the base is good enough to give you an overview of the corporate world; the balance is taught ON THE JOB. It’s quite a myth that is a dangerous world out there. Well, it’s not that. If planning and progress charts scare you, how would you service your clients and make your services better. Every client invests in your company name and its offerings. Full justice has to be given or else there are 100 other companies who are more than willing and equipped to take your place. Cut throat competition exists in all industries and that itself is a driving force to make your company better prepared with its service offering and client handling.
“Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business?
Not really. Ideally very few Institutes ignite the Entrepreneurial spirit in their students. Most of them just make them JOB READY. As I mentioned earlier, you have to swim with the sharks to befriend them and know more about their habitat.
What do you think is challenging in marketing?
Making a prospective customer an actual customer. The entire Marketing industry does everything possible just to make this possible. We do the samething. Here is an example.
Branding Design such as logo and Business Stationery design is made brilliantly to attract customers.
Advertising Design such as Brochures, Websites, Social Media Campaigns and Online/Offline Banners are made to educate and entice customers even more.
Offline and Online Marketing Design such as Social Media, SEO, Road shows and related Marketing are done to find, attract and direct customers to the brand to make them buy.
All of the above activity processes are done to find, attract and then finally tap the customer. After sales service and customer care is then done to maintain them and keep them loyal to the brand. It is rightly said by the Management Team that CUSTOMER IS KING… The Marketing Team literally means that statement. 🙂
What is your definition of success?
It never ends. The more you achieve the more you want to achieve as long as you feel like that, you are successful.
Tell me about your proudest achievement?
One of the branding designs we did for a Mineral water company fetched us more than 3000 plus views in 1 month. After that time, there have been lots more of such moments. We hope it keeps coming.
What message would you like to give to the budding entrepreneurs?
Believe in your idea, plan its execution and just go ahead and jump into execution, rest will follow. Whilst you do all of this, make sure your focus and passion towards keeps increasing, that will make the process more fun and profitable.
Your feedback for
It has changed the way BMS functions in the country. I hope it would have been there while we were in college, so spending time at Samrat would have been avoided. Good luck. 🙂
3 year old Digital design and Marketing company with a team size of 6 people.
Larger service offering, bigger team size and making sure every Business of this country is branded by NPR. That itself will scale us to be India’s biggest and quality work agency.
Products & Service:
Graphic Design | Print Design | Web Design and Development | Social Media | Digital Marketing | SEO | Apps
Marketing Strategy:
Social Media works best. Keep uploading, sharing and pinning.
Existing Market Presence
HQ in Mumbai. Services offered all over the globe.


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Hello Eveyone!!! Myself Shaikh Nida , Well im in Royal College pursuing for TYBMS. I would describe my self as a Self confident girl who loves to take up challenges. One of my speciality is that i can work effectively with diverse group of people. I enjoy Dancing, Photograhy and Reading Novels... "Don’t judge me by the mistakes I’ve made, but by what I’ve learned from them. "
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