Interview with Mr. Asad Ghalib Pasha, Public Relations Manager, Clea Public Relations


An interview with Mr. Asad Ghalib Pasha, Clea Public Relations

by Nida Shaikh, Content Writer,


Name:- Asad Ghalib Pasha

Company:- Clea Public Relations


Tell me about yourself.
I am a Marketing Communications and Public Relations professional with expertise in consulting clients across varied industry verticals. Currently I am working for PR firm by name Clea Public Relations as an Assistant Accounts Executive, directly handling clients from Chennai. The list of clientele that I am consulting include Ashok Leyland, Defiance Technologies, Gulf Oil, ITC and Nivea to name a few. I as a PR consultant with Clea, my work primarily involve formulating PR and communications strategies, leverage media visibility and churn out editorial opportunities for client.

Tell me something about your company?
Clea Public Relations is one of the country’s top and most prestigious PR agencies. Clea goes by the tagline, “The World’s best little Communications firm” for simple reason of being most specialized agency targeting the niche market of high end clients. Clea PR’s most ambitious project so far has been the launch of their new business, Talent Tube. Clea’s specializes in multi industry verticals such as Business, Lifestyle, FMCG, Hospitality and Constructions etc.

What is management according to you?
Management is a tool which helps in pooling different departments of the company and put them on to track in order to realize company’s mission and vision, which as a result helps in achieving common institutional goals. Management does not only mean handling internal functioning but also effectively control the external affairs; management ensures organizational growth and profit by keeping all the business functions under check.

What is marketing according to you?
Marketing in my opinion is a tool to communicate with the target audience and persuade them to buy the product/service by cultivating belief, liking, loyalty and attachment in them. Marketing helps the product/services right from its evolution stage until its delivery. The processes involved in marketing are research, communication, public relations, advertising and promotion. In a single sentence wrap up; marketing is the commercial processes employed in promoting, selling and distributing a product, service or both.

What motivates you to do your best on the job?
The factors that strongly influence my motivation at work are creative challenges, liberty, display of confidence by my superiors on me, technology at my disposal and the Big Bucks!

What is your management style to solve a problem?
The process I follow is to gather first hand information on the problem and analyze it. Do a thorough research on the information gathered and chart out possible sources and channels through which I can attain a solution. I call it “Action first” methodology.

What are the key responsibilities of your current job?
Consulting clients on communications and PR strategies, media leveraging, identifying editorial opportunities, organizing press conferences, formulating monthly and yearly PR plan and perception mapping.

What have you gained after completing your MBA?
MBA degree has refined my approach towards my work and understanding industry. MBA has helped me to evolve as a leader and decision maker. At the testing times I have taken independent decisions which have led to profitable results, thanks to my MBA degree which has infused such a quality in me.

What are the expectations of Companies or organizations from management professionals?
Organizations expect you to be agile and aggressive. One needs to demonstrate their creativity in a manner that fits into organizational ethics. Other quality includes constant ideation, self-learning capacity, ability to manage things on their own, delivery of targets beyond the given cut off, cut down on higher administration’s help and instead present new business ideas which would not only replace conventional system but also mint profit.

What are your views on the Entrance Exams for Professionals courses?
Entrance examinations for professionals’ courses are not well tailored to test the actual talent or creativity of an individual. Candidate from the Engineering or Science background always have the upper hand in these exams. Hence the entrance tests need to be reformulated such that every individual candidate stands a fair chance of pursuing Professional courses.

Is the Name of the Institute from where a student does his/her MBA important while entering into corporate world?
Absolutely! I personally do not endorse such practice but that’s the system followed in India. The perception of candidates’ quality is directly proportional to the institute he/she belongs to.

How the academic program and coursework you have done benefited your career? Tell me about your proudest achievement?
Course work what I have done has greatly added value to my real time work. Courses such as Research Methods, Marketing Communications, Advertising and Public Relations, Services Marketing and Online Marketing helps you in applying theories real time, trust me it works. Whatever be the trend, the fundamentals of marketing remains the same.
Some of my achievements are:
Garnered excellent media visibility for Ashok Leyland-Nissan’s first Light Commercial Vehicle, the Dost. This was achieved through pre-defined planning such as test drive initiatives, press conferences and launch events etc.
ITC’s– Fiama Di Willis: Contributed greatly in terms of ideation, communication planning and PR strategies. Leveraged outstanding media coverage for the products through events and press releases.
Auto Expo Delhi: Among the other commercial vehicle players who were present at the expo, Ashok Leyland earned the best media coverage. This accomplishment is the result of intense planning, media mapping, media networking and exhaustive follow up.

What advice would you like to give students taking up Marketing?
Students opting for marketing should do good amount of research before taking up the course. For a marketing student the extra amount of zeal is what takes them to places. Marketing as such is not a narrow stream; it is huge sea with multiple entities encompassing the subject. You should posses knowledge on all the marketing entities but master in one. Marketing leaders will certainly agree with me on this point, “Any business transaction that may take place in the world will always have marketing acting as its catalyst.”

Your feedback for is very creative step towards conglomerating management world from different fields and institutions. Students have so much of first hand information at their disposal. The information provided will greatly influence their career focus in a positive way and also help them gain that much needed exposure before opting for any specialization.

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Hello Eveyone!!! Myself Shaikh Nida , Well im in Royal College pursuing for TYBMS. I would describe my self as a Self confident girl who loves to take up challenges. One of my speciality is that i can work effectively with diverse group of people. I enjoy Dancing, Photograhy and Reading Novels... "Don’t judge me by the mistakes I’ve made, but by what I’ve learned from them. "


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