Interview with Jyoti Jhangiani, Celebrity Tarot Card reader and Numerologist


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Miss. Jyoti Jhangiani is an award winner psychic reader, who specialises in Tarot Card Reading, Numerology and Reiki Healing. Her clientele ranges from Media Personalities to Politicians to Businessmen to Students to Housewives.

Miss. Jyoti is a Commerce Postgraduate from University of Mumbai. She has also done a Certificate course in Home Science and Montessorie training. She is a Certified Tarot Master Instructor and Professional Tarot Master Consultant from World Metaphysical Association (USA). She has been invited by various Television channels for Live Interviews like IBN7,AajTak, Headlines Today to name a few. She has done shows like ‘Astrotalk’ for MyTV channel which was a live show, ‘Bhavishya Phal Sitaron Se Hal’ was another live show for MyTVchannel. She has constantly been conducting reading sessions for Corporates, Banks, Mall, Weddings etc. More details can be read at :

AWARDS & ACCOLADES RECIEVED BY Miss. JYOTI JHANGIANI for her outstanding contribution in the field of Tarot reading and Numerology.

  • IMA Award 2014 (PUNE)
  • The Prestigious trophy of SHIVRAJ MUDRA CHATRAPATI Awards 2013(MUMBAI)
  • Certificate of “Par Excellence in Tarot Reading & Teaching” by International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awareness (ISHMA) Awards 2013 (MUMBAI)


What are Tarot cards actually?

The tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from the mid-15th century in various parts of  Europe to play a group of card games. From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has been used  by mystics and occultists for predictions and providing guidance & spiritual pathways.


What made you decide to become a professional Tarot Card Reader?

I believe If you want to have a successful career then you need to be a professional. If your advice is worth taking, its worth being paid for. Value yourself and your reading, but don’t overprice it. And with my  experience I have observed  if you are professional tarot reader then clients do take your predictions and guidance seriously.


How did you learn to read Tarot Cards?

I learned reading tarot cards from a tarot teacher in Mumbai and under her guidance I did Basic & Advanced tarot course. Later I applied for Master’s degree in Tarot Reading & Teaching from WMA-USA certification Board. After clearing all tests I was allotted the degree of Professional Tarot Master Consultant & Tarot Master Instructor.


You are a reputed Celebrity Tarot Card Reader. What sort of services you provide to your clients?

Apart from tarot reading & consultation in person,  I provide tele-phonic readings to my outstation & overseas clients. I also solve their queries and provide them remedies via email. I do teach tarot & take classes. Apart from tarot, I also provide my clients numerology training , consultation  and reiki healings too.


What is a typical day like for a Tarot Reader? Whats your usual schedule?

As a professional tarot reader I work for 8 hrs in a  day & 6 days a week  ie Mon to sat – 11am to 7pm. After that I spent time with my family & friends. But sometimes emergencies do occur and so on my client’s &  student’s request I do take sessions & class on Sundays too.


What was your biggest challenge you faced as a Tarot Reader? How did you overcame it?

My biggest challenge was to explain what are tarot cards for the first time on National television. When I first started I got stuck worrying about how I should be reading the cards. For me it was letting go of the rules and allowing my intuition to guide me.  So I took one Tarot card and placed it in front of me. Allowed my mind to get cleared, and then observed what images, feelings, energies, etc. came to me during that time. I tried to forget about traditional meanings, and instead focused  on what I was sensing in that card by being confident and believe me the results were amazing… !


What is the scope of Tarot reading in India?

Scope of  Tarot reading in India seems to be good as some institutes have     already come up with certified tarot courses and many people have taken   it seriously and have chosen it as their profession.


Do you hold/provide any Tarot coaching classes, workshops?

Yes I conduct Tarot reading classes in groups & one on one in my office.


Whats your advice to people/students who are passionate about making a career in Tarot card reading?

Tarot cards  gives you access to spiritual knowledge revealing new insights and options. Readings can help you to answer some of life’s  biggest questions, and so much more. You do not need to have a well  developed spiritual connection or ‘psychic power’ in order to get  valuable information from the Tarot. Just believe in yourself.


Can Tarot Card reading be the sole bread winner of a person? or it could be just a 2nd job or hobby?

Depends…. if you are good at reading the cards, relating to people, marketing yourself  then yes you can be assured of earning good money otherwise you can always consider it as a part time business.


Do you think that Tarot Card Reading should be taught at colleges& Institutes?

Well there are already institutes who provide tarot course, but yes it should also be taught in colleges.


Many Tarot students struggle with their intuition? How did you learned to trust your intuition?

One of the greatest tools we have is our intuition. Have you ever felt an   inner calling to do something, or felt that you needed to talk to someone   or you felt uneasy about a certain decision that had to be made? At all   times we are being guided energetically, whether it be from our  higher selves, spirit guides, angels,  we are constantly receiving  thought  signals or feelings to guide us towards a path of  learning. It is the voice of our higher self, communicating with us from a higher plane of    frequency. Just listen to that inner voice, and I have always done that. It guides us along the path that ultimately brings us the greatest personal  expansion.


Name 3 essential qualities that Tarot Card Reader must possess?

Firstly there should be Desire in a person to become a tarot card reader who can guide her clients in a proper direction. Secondly there has to be Trust , Confidence & Believe in self  so that you can build it in others & thirdly there has to be Love, Care, Faith and Respect for tarot cards as they possess a certain power and a life of their own.



What’s your Mantra for success?

Believing in yourself  is the first secret to success. The secret to your happiness is to do what you like but the secret to Success is to like what you do. So count your blessings not your problems and just remember every morning we are born again… !


Good Luck & God Bless !!

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