People You Should Meet In Life


I still remember I was in standard fourth, I was taught by my father to meet the unknown, talk to them like known, make them feel comfortable, always know to whom you should talk and for what reason. Never sound mean and neither even act like one. Since then I obeyed the thing that he said me. Life as a traveller is amazing, life as an explorer is totally a different fun. I have been different places. Meet different types of people, different faces, colour, texture, appearance. I mean that feeling you have or get when you talk to the person you never thought you’ll meet once, that feeling you get when he or she explains you of their experience of meeting different people in their life for different reasons. That words people keep in front of you when they talk the word out of them which they hide in and in since long. Those moments are far way different from any. I have learnt a thing in life, no matter where we belong at present we should always talk to people around us that give or teach us the reason to live at most present.


There are these people we should meet in life. The first of all is meet the alive and strongest life dreamer, the one who believes in living every second breathe no matter in what sense or time or area or surrounding. Meet the one people call mad, the craziest, and the mind blowing sarcastic. Meet the rich and poor both. Allow yourself to spend a day with them. Ask them their stories. Make them laugh if you can. Compliment their food. Don’t you ever give high hopes to the unwanted, but make them believe that everything is going to be good one day. Meet the person who is crazy about the things that he is passionate for. Ask him of how it felt from getting everything from nothing. Make him believe then, all that happened was worth the time. Meet the orphan and play with him for a while, make him feel like family. Meet somebody who lives an easy life and watch how? And after that, meet somebody who plays hard each day. Meet those passionate people who are lover of their own writing, meet the poet, the blogger. Ask them how do they see, watch life in what sense? Meet that traveler who places life in any situation. Meet the fashionist who designs its craft every time in a different form. Meet that talented vision photographer who invented amazing stories behind every photograph. Meet those kinds of people in your life who are good listeners and talkers both. Meet those kinds of people who have achieved their every dream. Make those kinds of friends who know you better than you. Meet a heart broken lover and ask him or her, how was it all to handle it so far all along. Hear them like they found the one they can share their emotion’s with. Meet the one who can say you your faults without any anger. Meet the passionate player, singer, and dancer. And when you meet them all never forget to do the thing they are more renowned for.
Meet the old the new, roam places all alone or with your close once. But more over never forget to meet yourself. This crowd isn’t so small neither that big that you can’t see yourself. And once that you meet yourself, let people start wanting to meet you. To whatever is in life, if you get to meet somebody, stop there if you feel like talking to them. And if you don’t feel the same like first place move, move until somebody actually pulls you out to their way. Always remember if you believe in meeting what is meant for you, you’ll surely meet them even in your odds, your loss and gains. There is no corner so lost in this world that is dark which is meant for you. I remember my people saying me, “we want to meet nobody but our laughing souls, that’s all what me wish.”
I don’t know how, when and where. But when you are thought or made to do something meet the learner in you. There is nothing more beautiful to meet the things that are related to you.


– Akshata Govekar.

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traveler, explorer, photographer, writer, sports and music lover.

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