When Will Crimes Against Women Stop?


women violence

Woman is said to be created so that a man has a partner, to share his joy, sorrows, pain and also as a support system when he needs. She is there for him always in ways like a mother to cry on which he otherwise can’t as men are considered to be strong and so not supposed to express his feelings through tears but he can do it without hesitation in front of his mother. She is there with him as a sister to hide his secrets or as a partner in crime. She is there as a daughter making her father proud in front of her in laws as well as the world. She is there as a wife standing beside him in all circumstances of life.

  She is there always for a Father, Brother, Son and Husband but when injustice is done to her why don’t any of them stand for her, besides her supporting her? Rather they are the first one to question her. Why when something is wrong done to women, she is questioned rather than being supported?

Crimes against women in India is increasing every single day. A woman either is quietly bearing all the injustice done to her and those few who are voicing out their voices against the crimes done to them are either unheard or are killed. If one sits to count the crime done against women he will get tired counting it but the crime against women won’t.

  Starting with the most devour of crime today is the RAPE. It is the fourth most common crime in our country but should be among the top of all. In the surveys done, Rape is a crime which is mostly by people known either the neighbour or relatives. Women are not safe anywhere not even at their own houses. Out of the total rape cases happening half are not registered and the remaining cases are lying in dusts waiting for their turn to get justice. Where shall a woman go, who should she believe and who she should not? Is a crime like rape meant to happen every single day?

Then we have Forced Prostitution, another crime. This is done by her own family, she is sold for a little money and pushed into the dirtiest business of earning a living for her family by selling her body. My question is those who force their daughters and wives into prostitution; do they have blood in their eyes? And most obvious question do you have a heart?

Domestic violence and Dowry are another set of all crimes. A Woman is beaten, bruised, burnt either because man wants to prove his masculinity or because her family cannot afford the monetary demand- a value for their daughters’ peaceful living.

child abuse

She is denied Right To Education, a fundamental right of our country so that men can always prove dominance over her. If this is not enough then she is murdered because she is born as she and not He wherein one kills two women at the same time, a Mother whose feelings are killed and a Daughter who is killed before coming to the world.

  The everyday crime that each woman experiences every single day is Eve Teasing. Men who consider it just for fun do not understand when a woman goes through eve teasing cannot face herself, she feels so dirty about it and at times it leaves a bad memory for her which affects her entire life.

There is just one question to those who commit crime against women – would you exist to commit such a crime if she wouldn’t have decided to get you in the world?  What if you too would have been killed in the womb? Would you accept it if all such crimes are done to your Mother, Sister, Daughter and Wife. The most important of all –WOULD YOU BE THERE IN THE WORLD IF THERE WOULDN’T BE A WOMAN?


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