New Picture

I’m the bitch they warned you about.

I am vivacious, sagacious & audacious. I love life & I live on my own terms. I’m not afraid to live, because I am wise enough to know how the world works.

I am loud, assertive & argumentative. If I know that I’m right, I’ll defend my belief until I have the last say in it. If you interrupt me illogically or patronise me, I will ask you to shut up.

And, you better shut up, because I’m a bitch. I can bite.

I have remained quiet for too long. Now, I shall be heard. I can bark.

I have remained hidden in baggy & drab clothes since a long time. Now, I will wear what I want.

I will wear my shorts in those hot summers. I will not tolerate the heat any more. You may stare at my legs, but you don’t stare at me any lesser when I’m fully covered anyway.

I don’t wear clothes to excite you. No, don’t flatter yourself. I wear the clothes that I’m comfortable in.

I do not want your lecherous gaze. I dress myself up for me; so that I can feel beautiful & confident. No, I’m not modelling on the road for your appraisal.

I’m no longer perturbed by wolf whistles & catcalls. Losing my cool on lost causes isn’t worth my time anymore. I may be a bitch, but even I have more dignity than that.

If I had a rupee for every time you stare at me, I’d have been a millionaire by now. Well, you can stare all you want, but you cannot touch me. For if you do, I will bite.

I no longer call for help to protect myself from vile men. I am strong enough to fight for myself.

I don’t need feminism to empower me. I am capable of empowering myself.

You can no longer pull on my strings as you please. I am a woman, not a puppet.

I don’t need a man who cannot respect his better half. No, I would rather love a dog instead, thank you.

I don’t need your money to fend for myself. I can earn my own bread.

Now, I have shed my veil of helplessness & passiveness.

I will not be confined by the four walls of the household. No, I’m more than that. I’ve realised that there is a whole world out there, waiting to be explored by me. The world is my oyster & I’m a pearl.

What makes you think that I’m weak? If I can make you, then I can definitely break you.

Now, the world will see what a woman can do; what a woman is capable of.

I’m done being Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Now, I’m breaking bad.

I’m no longer the meek cow I used to be. Now, I’m a bitch.

And, if being Bold, Independent, Tenacious, Confident & Headstrong makes me a BITCH, then so be it.

I am woman. I am femme fatale. I’m a life-giver. Beware! I am a bitch.




~ Pramitha Nair.

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