woman lie about rape


Crime against women in India is increasing every day at a very fast rate. A woman is not only abused and hurt by the world but also by her very own people, her family, her friends, her neighbours. Every eye today as she pass by on the street looks at her in lust. Such evil eyes on her has restricted her movement around freely not because she is afraid or she can’t retaliate to those who make her feel dirty. It is just because she doesn’t want to be seen as an object that can be used and thrown. You not only rape a woman by physically abusing her but also by the way you look at her.

  The most heart trembling case of Nirbahya who was treated so inhumanly by four men just to have some fun still gives Goosebumps when one thinks about it. Nirbahya who fought for Justice till her last breath has become a reason for the change in laws for Rape cases and she is also become an example to all other Women to fight for the injustice done to them not only by Rape but also by any other form of Crime. But nothing has really changed even then; her case is still going on in the court and within six Months there were another Rape case at Shakti Mill and many others happening each moment at some place. Out of which some fight some quietly bare the brutality of RAPE.

The Delhi Rape case of Nirbahya had brought many people on the streets fighting for her and the case has got the support of Media too. At the same time the Women that say they are raped get support of Media very easily. As no one can really think or believe that a Woman can lie about Rape. But does that mean every Woman who says she is raped is saying the truth?

It is very hard to distinguish that for a normal person but our science has developed so much which can very easily differentiate a women being Raped and a Woman who has had sex on her own will and then terming it to be a Rape. It is really a question to all of us that will a Women lie about her being RAPED. The answer to it yes she might do it.

The bottom line or the most important reason for Woman to lie about rape is publicity. When a Woman says she is raped, she gains very easily the attention of the world through media. Though one might know that she was lying about it later but by then she has gained a lot of sympathy of the world. The reason for her to do so might be Money which a rape victim gets because by the time the truth comes out to the world it will be years due to the process of Indian law which is very slow. While some love publicity, they want to feel wanted and the hunger for publicity in them is the reason for such dirty tricks.

So next time when you hear about a Rape by a Woman who is boosting about such a hideous crime Do think, Is she saying the truth or a lie?


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