There are geeks everywhere, there are technology geeks, fashion geeks, Bollywood geeks and all those kind of geeks out there in the world. A geek is basically someone who is addicted to that field of activity and is just crazy about it, has all the facts and equipments and also the looks that suit his favorite field of activity. You can be a geek of any sport you love.


Here are 3 things you need to do or you should have to be a Sports Geek:

1) Have the Love and Passion

You need to have the love and passion about sports and that means even though you like one particular sport, you should love some different popular sports too. You are someone who enjoy it whether it is Football, Cricket or Basketball, you play it on field, you play it on the video game.

2) Talk about it everytime

Sports geek can talk for hours about their favorite sports, they just can’t stop, they can pick up fights, have a great banter with opposite fans and they are someone who know the game and are not just banwagon fans but follow the game closely and know the technical aspect of the game too. You can debate with anyone anytime and prove your point and prove why your team is better than other’s that is what is called as a true fan or a true geek.

3) Stay Committed

Stay committed with the sports and that means not only watching it closely but sometimes even practicing it whenever you have time. Just imagine you are a crazy Football fan all your life and stay awake till mid night to watch the Live games, but haven’t ever kicked a football or don’t even know how to do it. It feels embarrassing so it is important to have a bit of shape and physique and just be committed to the sports.


– Jainam Jhaveri

Jainam is a writer at He is a BMS Graduate with a Diploma in Software Engineering and passionate about Blogging, Football, Games, Technology, Travelling to new places.

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BMS Graduate with a Diploma in Software Engg and a Sports Blogger... passionate about Blogging, Football, Video Games, Surfing Internet and Love to Travel and visit new places.

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