Why People Cheat In Relationships : Differences Between Men And Women


People Cheat In Relationships

Relationships – a far more broader term than you can think of. Relationship is not only between two people, it’s between two hearts, two minds and above those two souls. Relationship doesn’t just mean a boy and a girl it’s also about a man and a wife, brother and sister, two best friends. It’s not only between two people it’s with more people. The more and more people we meet we connect to them. We share a different kind of relationship with our teachers, relatives, spouse, and neighbour even for that matter our boss or colleague. We often say that every relationship no matter of friendship, work relationship everything is based on trust. Trust – a very powerful word it can make or break your life. Trusting the wrong person makes you fall into a ditch and trusting the right person often makes you happy.

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That’s probably one question that only God can answer. Trust is an emotion, a feeling, a life changing word. It’s not merely a word. How do you feel when a person breaks your trust? Good! Certainly not! Hurt, betrayed, cheated. There are many more feelings to this one word trust, when broken felt different feelings but different people. ‘You cheated on me’ is often said and heard by most of us. When a cheater cheats on someone what does he/she get? Well some may feel satisfied, happy, like they have finally accomplished something in life, something really good. I don’t think so but may be many believe so. Some people cheat intentionally, some unintentionally; some don’t even know that they are cheating.

Everybody has cheated someone someday. May be in an exam, friendship, relationship, work etc. cheating in a relationship is not healthy. Let’s say you are with a friend and she told you that she didn’t reveal your secret, rather promised it will remain with her till her last breath and the minute you tell her the next minute all your friends around you know it. You feel cheated; you cannot believe that the only person you could confide in has cheated. You feel devastated mention ally and emotionally you are so shattered. You develop a hatred towards that friend and all the others who know it and who would help her in spreading it. You lose trust in everyone you meet or come across. You become suspicious of others and you will always live in the fear of not sharing it with others. You must be careful on who to trust it’s the LEAP OF FAITH that you have to take in every relationship. Cheating mostly is observed in dating and marriages. When you say you are ‘in a relationship’ with someone means you are dating him. You share a relationship with that person that is unique, different and special. Something that you call ‘more than friends’. You be with that person get to know that person , even love and care for that person more than what you could even do for your parents.  After years of dating and sharing moments that no one could ever give to you u realize that same person who you love who you changed for and sacrificed for is CHEATING on ‘YOU’. That’s it you get your hardest hit. You get the same feeling of being shattered and you feel your whole life is just broken like a mirror you feel into pieces. You do all the crazy stuffs like listen to sad, depressing songs, even harm yourself. Sometimes you end up being NUMB. Like you don’t know what happened? You hope it’s just a bad dream, like a nightmare but it is not it is the REALITY and you have to face it. Being cheated on makes you so very negative, inferior , makes you feel bad about yourself. Most of the times we cannot believe that we have been cheated after being so good and not doing anything wrong. You become full of resentment, bitterness, grief. There’s a certain kind of sadness that fills up your life. If you are in a committed relationship you would not expect your partner to cheat on you. If he does you feel totally broken.

Cheating also can be classified into two types

ü Emotionally, mentally.

ü Physically.

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What hurts more?

Cheating hurts! Whether emotional or physically. It breaks a person totally.

Any kind of cheating be it physical or mental affects the emotional state of a person. Cheating in a relationship makes you give up on everything, in love, in dreams. Many people are afraid to even marry or give another person a chance to fall in love with them. They tend to lose their self-confidence and often have a low-esteem even if they indulge in a relationship they are afraid of being cheated again. Insecurity takes over. Another destruction in relationships is insecurity. You tend to become insane. You harm yourself by committing suicide, cut your wrist, forearm , jump off your building, take pills all these acts are so wrong. One should avoid all these and just move on. It hurts to be cheated on once, twice, and may be always. It makes you stronger and you realize the world is selfish. Always justify the opposite person. People often cheat to get rid of the partner, some do it to satisfy their sexual desires whereas for some it’s just a game  and others are players all you got to do is play it safe and win the game. Life and relationships are not games to be played and be happy bout. You never know how much you may be meant to a person and what the person probably feels for you. The most foolish things that people do is cheating on a partner that has been there for you for many years and has been very loyal and forgiving despite all your failures. Be wise enough to know that someday what you give to a person you get it back may be not through the same person but life gives back what you give to it.





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