The process of empowerment will differ from organization to organization depending on their.



  • Concept of empowerment
  • Organizational objectives and strategies.
  • Resource and financial position.
  • Attitudes towards customer & employee
  • Employee’s knowledge skills.


It is a philosophical concept that organizations have to buy into:- for many organisation include some. Important facts – values, leadership, job structure and reward system.


Process of empowerment divide into 3 steps.

a)            Studying the working environment of the employees.

b)            Redefining tasks and reallocating resources.

c)            Focusing on the psychological & motivational needs of employee in empowered position.


a)         Studying the working environment of the employees.

Empowerment is brought into meet several objectives such as improving the quality of services increase productivity, improved morale etc.



Studying the work environment of the employee work:-

i)     Present level of employee- skills, confidence, etc.

ii)   Financial and physical resources of the organization

iii)  Relationship between employee and employer, decision-making authority and responsibility.

Above studying preliminary analysis helps management design the empowering process for employees.

b)        Redefining tasks and reallocating resources.

Redefining task and reallocating resources include number of activities such as information sharing, redesigning, communication system job enrichment, allocating resources, decision-making etc.

According to Palin empowerment has three major dimensions.

  • Participative decision –making
  • Resource availability.
  • Decision-making authority.

Above discussion about perfect information about organization’s performance, knowledge, decision making.

c)         Focusing on the psychological and motivational needs of employees in empowered position:

Under this three steps are involved:- discussion about delegating – authority to employees may be necessary to empower them. Main focusing motivational construction. The act of giving a person a sense of power.


Conclusion :- Empowerment has come to play a major role in corporate excellence. Empowerment means giving the employees the authority to make decisions and providing them with financial resources to implement their decisions.

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