Ramniranjan Anandilal Podar college of Commerce and Economics, known as Podar College or R.A. Podar College declared the third merit list for FYBMS on 23rd June 2015 at 6pm. Podar College is located in Central Mumbai on L.N. Road i.e. on the east side of Matunga railway station. As per NAAC rating, Podar college has got an ‘A’ rating. The college has a collection of 60,000 books which includes magazines, journals and reference books. The college offers 2 vocational courses as an integral part of B.Com course – Computer Applications, Travel and Tourism Management. The current principal of the college is Dr. (Mrs.) Shobhna Vasudevan.


Here we present FYBMS Cutoff 2015 Third Merit List of R.A. Podar College:

Open Arts – 72.30%

Science Stream:

  1. SC – 58.17%
  2. NT 1 B – 60%
  3. NT 1 C – 60.62%
  4. NT 3 D – 55.69%
  5. OBC – 64.31%
  6. OPEN – 81.60%
  7. FF/GOVT. TRAN./EX-SER/WIDOW/SPORTS – Separate list
  8. PHY. HANDICAPPED – Separate list


Commerce Stream:

  1. SC – 76.77%
  2. NT 2 C – 74.46%
  3. OBC – 83.54%
  4. OPEN – 92.20%
  5. FF/GOVT. TRAN/EX-SER/WIDOW/SPORTS – Separate list
  6. PHY. Handicapped – Separate list


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