I am a person who believes in Karma. I believe if you do good then good will come back to you.

This is how the world works and has been working. 

Life is a test where your doings are listed, all the wrong and right.

There is no escape if you are right or wrong. If you do wrong, in the end you will suffer. If you do right, you may suffer in beginning but in the end you will be happy. 

A right choice always has a difficult path to go down and a wrong choice has easier path, but wrong choice never leads you to the right destiny. And right choice will always lead you to right destiny.

Now you guys must be thinking why I am telling you these things, the reason is that all these things are inter-related.

Do good in your life and life will be good to you in the end. This is what I believe.

Never think wrong or negative about any person. Do not be jealous about anyone. Do not be greedy about everything. Do not be egoistic about yourself.

These are the things one can avoid and be a better person.

Always be giving and gentle person. Always think about others and their well-being. Always make sure you keep people you love happily. Always be the wise, just and kind.

These are the things one can follow to be better person.

These all are doings which affect our lives in many ways. These all you must have heard or learnt in school or from someone. But these things are true. 

My parent always used to tell me be kind, wise and just. I have been told this time and again ever since I was a child.

No one is perfect in this world, one tends to still commit mistake or sometimes sin in their lives. 

But as I said, you can correct yourself, God always gives us an opportunity to correct our mistakes.

Remember one thing do not do good things only keeping in mind the karma, but do good things with your true heart. Because that will be actually a true good doing.

Here is an inspirational story about Do good and good will come back to you :

You live once why not fill this one life with good doings !!!





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I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.

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