Daily Routine from Ayurveda




  • Wake up at ‘Bhrahmamurat’ which is at 5 am if you want to study or have a good health because it increases our physical and mental capability according to Ayurveda.


  • Do Yoga for a few minutes after you wake up or do Meditation it will help you energize for the entire day and keep you fit mentally and physically.
  • Drinking milk is good for health. Have a good breakfast and have a glass of Cow Milk.


  • Have a healthy Breakfast, Fruits or Salads which is rich in vitamins and milk which is good at calcium.
  • Before having lunch wash your hands and legs. It is important to drink a lot of water while having food but just a little bit at the end.


  • According to Yoga, one should sit in ‘Vajrasan’ after having food, for 5-7 minutes. So sit on the folded legs it will increase metabolism.


  • Relax for a while if you are fatigued. Stop for a while, slow down and relax instead of working like a dog.


  • Have dinner early during sunset instead of having it late and it is bad to sleep just after having dinner so have a walk, relax, do some work but do not go to sleep directly after dinner.


  • Sleep early, Wake Up early. In modern world people do the opposite especially young college going students. It is important to sleep early have a good 8 hours sleep and wake up early in the morning it will not only keep you fit physically but it is important for mental health.


–         Jainam Jhaveri


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