Contaminated Beach Water – A Cause For Concern


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As we wait for rains praying to God for a shower many of us already have tackle the heat with dipping into Arabian sea . But just wait before plunging yourself into Mumbai’s water , note that water at beaches could expose you to the risk of bacterial and swimming-associated gastrointestinal illness. Thanks to, highly-polluted and infested with disease-causing pathogens.

Water samples collected from the beaches by the Maharashtra State Pollution Board (MPCB) have indicated a high concentration of faecal coliform and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), both of which point to the presence of pathogens and bacteria in water.

The presence of faecal coli form indicates that the water has been contaminated with faecal material of humans or animals. While quality standards for water used for bathing and contact water sports demand that the faecal coliform level remains below 100 MPN (most probable number) per 100 mililitre (ml) of water and a BOD level of 3 miligram per litre (mg/l), most samples collected by the MPCB from the beaches indicated that it was way too high for the acceptable limit.

The Dadar Chowpatty is the first to top the list of the worst polluted beach of Mumbai. The Girgaon Chowpatty city’s most popular beach  is just behind the Dadar Chowpatty i.e. the second worst. The faecal coliform levels here are manifold high and above the permissible limit. Pollutants were also found to be present in excess at the Juhu and Versova beaches. However, the levels of contamination are comparatively less than the toppers.

It’s not only the beaches which are abused by humans , Creeks and harbors were also innocent victims of human abuse too. The popular tourist point, the Gateway of India, the BOD levels were 47% above the limit, while coliform levels were 7% in the red.

Nariman Point also has BOD levels high. Water quality at Worli sea face was comparatively good, MPCB sources said. Among the creeks, Mahim are highly polluted, the water quality was comparatively good at the portion on Thane creek near the Elephanta island.

Mumbaikars need to think about their environment. This is our home it should be kept clean and not infested with disease-causing pathogens. With so many pollutants how is it possible for us to beat the heat by just plunging into the sea shore and relax while having a quality time without any faeces floating view.




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