Can You Touch The Sky?



SKY is the limit to our life for most of us. When we are child, we thought that the sky is the end of this universe and there is nothing beyond this sky , as we grow older we came to know about the places beyond the sky limits and found that there is so much to see, once we clear the sky. Sky seems to be very near to us, it seems like if I can arrange a 100 ft. ladder than I can easily touch this sky but it is our perception only. It is just opposite to what is written on a vehicle glass “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” …

I may be distracting you by continuously saying “touch the sky”, “touch the sky” …What I actually want to say is that this sky is the success in our life.

We should always treat success equivalent to sky. As I said, earlier that it is our perceptions that sky is very close to us but in real, it is beyond our reach. For many of us success is also very close to us. We are easily motivated by a little achievement in our life. Someone gets good marks in exam & he started thinking that he has achieved success, winning of small-small prizes, awards, trophy’s , winning cash prizes etc,,,etc,,, We relate all these things from our success.


But we should understand that all these incidence in our lives are mere a step towards success and we have not achieved success. Success is same like that sky which is visible in our dreams but still we have not touched that sky. Then the question arises that what actually success is? The answer is, success is different for different persons. For some it may be achievable and for some it is not achievable in the whole life.

We all have one life and we are trying to achieve as much as we can but still we are not able to achieve everything, because one life is not enough for achieving all our dreams, but there are some persons in this planet who have achieved everything, and now also they are trying to achieve more & more and they are the real achievers who can only touch the sky. The person who is my most favorite among these achievers is “ Shri. Narendra Damodardas Modi” Prime Minister of INDIA.


You might be thinking that what special NARENDRA MODI has achieved that he is so close to sky….I am saying that he is not close to sky, he has touched the sky when he elected as the “Prime Minister of India” and now he is close to god.

Recently Narendra Modi had an official visit to NEPAL. He also visited “Pashupatinath Temple”  in Nepal. How many of us have earlier known that there is a famous Pashupatinath Temple  of “lord shiva” in Nepal. Still thinking…..No is the answer.

Some people are larger than life. They are crossing every limit of human life and setting their own limits. Mr. Narendra Modi is one from them only. If he would have not visited this temple, we might not know about this temple. The most beautiful thing in this whole incidence is that today a temple of “Lord Shiva”. The god, who is known for the creation of this whole universe, is into highlights because of a simple man. Isn’t a miracle, and now that’s I call a SUCCESS.

The whole media is behind this trip. They are covering each & every small activity of Mr. Modi. They are more excited than Mr. Modi himself. They are taking interviews of temple priest, asking them about the procedures of prayer rituals. The priest has to say the same rituals to every reporter, he might be thinking in his mind “I am a priest” or “PA” of Mr. Modi. The whole nation is waiting for that moment when Mr. Modi will start his prayer in the temple and this kind of excitement and curiosity can only be generated by the “God’s own Man” Mr. Narendra Modi.


This is the real success, which we all might not achieve in our life, but there are living legends in this earth who have achieved bigger than their life and they are also remembered after their death. We should try our level best to fly as high as we can. By this article, I am not saying that all of us would be successful if we became the PM of INDIA, but we should create something new in our life so that people will remember us for years…We all are here on this little planet to create new things.


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