Can You Think Of A World Without Women? Why Do Social Evils In India Still Exist?

social evils


India is progressing in every field rapidly and is being counted among the most well versed countries like USA. Though India is developing but is still running ten years back and this is because of the social evils that are still prevailing in the roots of the society which is hampering the image of the country. Social evils existing in the country are innumerable though many of them are eradicated but there are yet many which still exist and are damaging the people as well as the reputation of the country.

India is a diverse and linguistic country with many cultures and social practices. There are certain social practices which are practiced under the name of religion and customs and are ruthlessly taking away the lives of many innocents which are rightly termed as social evils; but people are trying to be ignorant regarding all of these social evils. If one has noticed 90% of social evils are against women right from Sati, Dowry, Female infanticide, Rape, Prostituion, No Female Education, Domestic violence, Eve Teasing and much more.

dowry social evil

Sati has now been abolished but was existing earlier wherein a women has to jump in the pyre of the husband. Dowry is the most threatening of all evil practices. Women is murdered only because her family couldn’t afford the money asked in dowry and the most shocking of this social evil is that it is more existing in the educated higher class which is a total shame. If such a social evil is existing in which parents will get their daughters married without any further worries how a girl will think about a happy married life and if such a social evil has to be practiced then why is a daughter in law called the Laxmi of the house, if she has to be finally killed. Dowry is also somewhere a reason for female infanticide another social evil as parents are afraid to bare a baby girl due to Dowry to be given in marriage and also because many think girl is a burden to a family.

social evil prostitution

Prostitution is a practice in Rajasthan Bedial Tribe wherein a girl is pushed into prostitution once she attains her puberty. This practice is really gross; a girl is supposed to earn a living for her family through sexual service. Prostitution out of helplessness is heard but child prostitution and forcing someone into prostitution is really horrible to do. By pushing a child into prostitution is simply killing her innocence as the child really doesn’t understands what is happening with her. Rape and Eve teasing is something which we hear every now and then and the most fresh in every Indian memory is the Nirbahaya rape case which even today gives us Goosebumps but even then we can say nothing really has changed even today.

social evils

It is really a matter for every Indian to think that : Is a life of women so worthless? Has she no right to live life happily? Is she only to be used and thrown? Is she an object? One must not forget that if there wouldn’t be women there wouldn’t be life on earth.

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