Fashion buys – Prioritizing your fashion expenses!



Fashion you should not splurge on..

Designer t-shirts, I’ve seen this on so many fashion stores and made a big mistake of falling into that trend and then I realize that you are paying a lot of money for cotton its just a cotton with a logo on it don’t do it . I just think its to silly to spend so much money on a piece that is going to get loose after a couple of hours shift . It’s a just a tshirt .

Next one is Designer Sneakers lot of people purchase really expensive Sneakers .


Spending a lot of amount into Sneakers that’s a bit too much because Sneakers are worn and torn apart . That is really crazy to spend so much on a pair of Sneakers .

Next we go for trendy shoes as there was a fashion of Nude Pumps a year back people jumped to buy those for a huge amount . Trendy shoes which you just wear ones or twice is a waste to buy.

Next I see the Designers high in price Synthetic and Polyster Tops that may be a substitute for Silk but it wont work for long .


At a first glance you will be like, oh ! It’s a nice shirt , with designer label in it must be good. No, always look at the fabric if its some kind of low quality fabric don’t buy it.

Stamped jewellery, we love stamped jewelry and of course you might get a couple of wear at all that stuff but to splurge on a piece that actually is not worth that much ,it may go out of style may be you will start disliking the color whatever it is not worth at investing at stamped jewelry .


Things you should buy :

  1. Quality hand bags – Quality handbag doesn’t mean that you should go for Channel , Esbeda. Quality means that it is made up off very high quality material it is well researched so definately  invest on quality handbags which you can carry around everywhere.
  2. Classic pieces- Like pair of a Jeans , Sleeveless T-shirts some nice Trench Coat whatever based wardrobe colours should not be bright crazy colours and just natural and that’s your closet .
  3. Jewellery –Something you can layer on something which will make you look more elegant I have never ever regretted buying diamond studs which go on everything so elegantly. J
  4. Boots-Comfortable day to day Sandals and Boots are worth investing on its very important to select a good quality pair of shoes.BY VARSHA CHACHAD

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Ayesha Patel