Smoking is more popular then sex .People are more addicted to smoke. Smoking kills half of those who smoke about 100,000 people all over the world. Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemical compounds ,400 toxic substances do you know a cigarette burns 700`degree at the tip and around 60`degree coal the heat breaks down the tobacco and various toxins .



The damage caused by smoking is influenced by:

The number of cigarettes smoked,Whether the cigarette has a filter or How the tobacco has been prepared .

When you smoke a cigarette it goes straight to your heart and the heart began’s to weaken faster as soon as you smoke. Your heart beats 10 to 25 a minute that adds upto 36000 extra beats per day !

Oxygen level is reduced in your growth .Because the carbon monoxide is reduced when you smoke .If you continue to smoke your senses will slowly fade.

YOU can’t see it, taste it or smell it but it can kill quickly and with no warning


If you smoke you are growth rate decreases from 10-15% which may cause Heart attacks and Strokes.Every cigarette is doing damage smoking creates blood clots to your brain, paralysis and heart attacks.Smoke also damages your blood inside when you smoke the smoke remains in your blood for about 6 hours. Smoking may reduce the blood flow and cause impotence.

People knowing that smoking kills then to don’t stop smoking and after they quit smoking there is a lot of skin damage and smoking also can ruin your sex life.


What is in the cigarette ?

20% is expanded tobacco stems and reclaim tobacco to the cigarettes and 30% is Recon and the other 50% is Tobacco which is also treated with sugars mashed with nicotine.Every time you inhale smoke there is a high amount of tar getting into your lungs. Lung Cancer , Stones,Stomach Cancer, Heart Disease, Blood Cancer and Cervical Cancer are caused due to smoking.

A Non-Smoker has always this questions in his/her mind :

Do you smoke ? Have you ever tried it ? Why do you think people smoke ? When did you start ? How many do you smoke a day ? Why do you do it ? Are you friends with people that smoke ? Have you ever thought about quitting ? This questions are often asked by the loved ones only, so learn to respect the fact that smoking kills.

Just few cigarettes can be enough to get addicted many of the people say smoking helps them to relax to forget stress but cigarette is not a solution to everything

Do you know how smoking effects your body ?

Smoking damages your teeth, It causes mouth cancer .

Smokers need willpower to Quit .

Other methods concentrate on reason why they should n’t smoke :

The health / The money.

Smoke is not always the solution yet continue to smoke, to the other side:

It relaxes you/ It helps you to concentrate/ It relief’s stress and boredom.

If you desire to smoke you cant stop it.

Loudness_discomfort    #12 Save Money Tips  Stop Bearing

One cigarette contains about 2 mg of nicotine a entire packet hits about 250 mg of nicotine.

What are the things that annoy you about smoking ?

Clothes smell, Hands smell.

Smoking is the main cause of physical blindness .


Every thing has solution in life Smoking is not the only solution.

Where you can save money you waste it on cigarettes daily, if you are doing it please stop it, because God has given a beautiful life to live and not to waste it on smoking ..!!


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