Arranged Marriage Vs. Love Marriage : Which Is Better?


Arranged Marriage Vs. Love Marriage : Which Is Better?


Soon after one turns 21, parents start giving various ideas and hints for marriage and one actually need to decide what is best for them. So what’s perfect – arranged marriage or love marriage? This topic has always been a subject of debate, but the views may differ from person to person.

Marriage is a union of two hearts coming together from different lifestyles and background. But it’s not only about two people but also their families coming together. In short Marriage is a union of two people under the consent of the family. Marriages are both arranged or love, so one may need to decide whether they want to marry and love or love and marry. Arrange marriage is like growing a new plant whereas love marriage is nurturing the grown plant.

love vs arranged marriage

Arranged marriages are being followed from over generations to generations but in today’s modern times everyone’s looking forward to love marriages. Love marriage is marrying and  living with the person you already know, like the way the live, eat, sit, stand, talk, walk, their likes, dislikes, their moods, behaviours, fears, strengths.  Whereas arranged marriage is like getting married to a total stranger, exploring something new in them every day which may be interesting at times but sometimes scary as it’s hard to imagine an entire life with someone who you may not know. But that does not mean love marriages are easy, one knows the person in and out so there is nothing new to explore and on the other hand, one may take their partners for granted.

arranged vs love marriage

Arranged marriages are considered safe as it involves the parents’ consent, and parents will never decide anything bad for their children, but the emotional compatibility is over looked, there is no emotional bonding which is hoped to only grow over time. They may find it hard to understand each other and there would be difficulty in adjusting with each other’s lifestyles. Love marriages may or may not be safe depending upon the person one may want to spend their life but it’s emotionally strong and compatible.  But that does not mean love marriages are like bed of roses, we may be happy to marry the person we love, but there would be times things may possibly go the opposite direction. Although we know the person way before we get married yet there are lot of ups and down and we can blame no one else expect ourselves if things don’t turn out right.

There are no tips for great marriage but, be it love marriage or arrange marriage both requires equal amount of efforts to keep it going. Marriage is a train travelling on a track if one falls, the other needs to pick him up in order to move forward.  Being married and living together with someone new or old is a whole new experience anyway.

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