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Indira Nooyi the current chairperson and chief executive officer of PepsiCo. Well, for all of us who don’t really know who Indira Nooyi is for sure you’ll know about the company called Pepsico. Indira nooyi had been ranked consistently has one of the hundred most powerful woman. Well it’s no joke to be the chairperson of the world’s second largest food and beverage company.

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>> Basic trivia

Indira nooyi was born to a Tamil family .She was educated in Holy agnels Anglo Indian higher secondary school. She then received a bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry and mathematics from Madras Christian College. Later on she then did her masters in business administration from the Indian institute of management Calcutta. Nooyi held a product managers position in Johnson and Johnson and then in the year 1976 she was admitted to Yale school of management where she did her master’s in public and private management. After all these years of hard work and dedication she then joined PepsiCo and was then named the president and CFO in the year 2001. As per certain business analysis it states that after nooyi joined in as the president of the company since then the company’s annual revenue rose by about 72 %.


>> An icon for women across the globe

Indira Nooyi is now married to Raj. K Nooyi. They have two daughters out of which her eldest daughter is admitted to Yale school of management. Looks like their daughters have taken up their mom’s likeness. Indira Nooyi tries her level best to play the role of a mother as well as the chairperson of one of the world’s largest multinational company. She boldly says that it’ just an illusion that comes with sacrifices. All she says is that one needs to cope up and nothing can be termed as impossible then. Indira Nooyi has been a great source of inspiration to many working woman.

To end this article on a sweet note here is a quote written by her and has inspired many. She said “When you assume negative intent, you’re angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed .Your emotional quotient goes up because you are no longer almost random in your response”.

 – Khyati Kotiyan


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