9 Healthiest Foods Of Our Planet, That Will Work Wonders For You


Eating healthy is important to stay healthy. Nowadays some diseases are common due to not eating healthy food like obesity, stress, diabetes, cholesterol, weakness. So for your overall development and staying fit physically do consider eating these ten foods.

1) Spinach


Spinach helps eyes, bones, helps in digestion and eases constipation. It has vitamins which are essential. It also improves skin health and increases strength.

2) Broccoli


Reduces cholesterol, bone health, increase heart health and is a good antioxidant.

3) Orange


An Orange is rich in fiber, vitamin c and d, calcium which help reduce extra fat, help improve vision, moisturize skin and help teeth and bones.

4) Apple


Apple a day keeps doctor away.  It is good for healthier teeth and reduces mental problems.

5) Almond


Almonds are loaded with minerals and vitamins which have many vital health benefits.

6) Dark Chocolate


Dark Chocolates help reduce depression, blood pressure it is relieving in stress. It is good for reducing mental problems.

7) Beans


This affordable food has huge benefits for kidney and heart.

8) Walnut


Walnuts are great for hair growth as it contains vitamin b7. It also prevents diabetes.

9) Oats


It helps lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. It is high in fiber so reduces weight and heart disease.


So eat well and stay healthy. These foods have combination of vitamin, calcium, fiber, minerals which help a person physically and mentally. So enjoy eating…

– Jainam Jhaveri


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