1. Tell me something about yourself?

Now this is one basic question that an interviewer has to ask their interviewee so that before hiring anybody in their firm they are clear about that particular individual’s personality. Any firm wouldn’t want a person who is socially very active with excellent speaking skills but lazy when it comes to completing work; nor does the firm accepts a person who is very serious in their work but socially inactive. Every firm needs people who are balanced and know how to handle work as well as public relations simultaneously!



  1. Who all do you have in your family?

Family makes a lot of difference in an individual’s personality. Any person coming from a disturbed family will have a very different personality in comparison to a person coming from a happy nuclear family which comparatively has less hassles. Individual’s coming from liberal families have a calm and realistic mindset. They are self-confident. Whereas not all but some individuals coming from one parent families have reserved nature and are a little less confident about themselves. When it comes to hiring people of course the company would look upon who are confident about themselves.

 Interviewer Asks The Interviewee

  1. What are your hobbies & interests?

We all have our set of hobbies and interests as we all like to use our free time doing something creative. Hobbies and interests helps us fight our stress and pass our time in a fun way rather than getting bored. Company asks this question so that they get to know of the individual’s likes.


  1. Are you comfortable working in a group?

There are many tasks and targets which require good team work. If an individual is excellent while working alone but cannot work in a group which may serve as an obstacle in the individual’s personality.


  1. Why do you think you are fit for this job? Or why should we hire you?

This is the most important question for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee. And maybe the last question. The way you answer this question can get you the job or even take it away from you. So you should think a lot while you give your answer.


Be prepared but don’t be nervous and answer all the questions shrewdly and patiently.


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