5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Friendship Long-Lasting


Tips On How To Keep Your Friendship Long-Lasting


Friends are those essential sources of happiness you’d never want to lose. They lighten up your bad day, they give you super awesome advises when you can’t find a proper solution even when they are not experienced to do that 😛

But that’s what friends are, right? even when it’s not right, they would be ready to beg, borrow & steal for you and so do they expect for you to do the same! 

And when you don’t reciprocate, even vice-versa, the whole plot could go haywire. You or your friend reduce your contact with each other and even think how could your friend not talk to you or meet you even when it’s entirely your fault. You’ll start gossiping about each other to mutual friends. At the end, both the friends get to know about the sh*t spoken about them and there you go…..Congratulations on breaking up your friendship 🙂

Now, That’s some harsh words that I have said above, because that has happened with me. After that, ‘making friends’ for me, has become a mission, where I have to take care of each move that I make, because I wouldn’t want my friend to be hurt and when I do this, the opposite person/friend tend to do the same as they feel that you’ve been so considerate to him/her.


Here are some tips on how to make that ‘special person’ your even ‘special BFF’

1. Be a good listener

Always LISTEN to your friend’s problem even if you don’t have a solution to it. Never judge him/her based upon that problem that your friend is facing, that’s a big NO-NO. Never change the topic, like when he/she is talking some real serious problems and they want you to give that motivational-short-blahs like “Don’t worry, I’m with you” but you turn up saying, “Yeh toh kuch nai, mere saath isse bhi badi cheez hui hai”. UH-UH, wrong answer! 

2. Show your love

Try to show your affection for your friend at times. Like when you go out of town for a holiday with your family and your missing your BFF, DO NOT hesitate to send him/her a text saying “I miss you” or talk about something that reminded you of him/her.

3. Show your friend the positivity of life

Whenever you feel, that your friend is doing something bad/wrong, do not hesitate to stop them, Reprimand the wrong doings of your friend. You do this, because you care for him/her, there is nothing bad in it.

Friendship 1

4. Buy something special

Think about your friend when you’re about to buy something, not ALWAYS but sometimes. This makes them feel wanted. It could be an accessory, chocolates or passes to his/her favorite show.

5. Argue well

People may come in to spoil your relation, by wrongly gossiping lies about you all and when this happens, an argument may surely strike off between you both. Don’t even try to run away, go ahead, try to listen to both the sides of the stories and find a solution which is in favor of you and your friend’s relation. 


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Bushra Shaikh

Food and Baking Enthusiast, An avid follower of the 80's music, fictional novels and The Hunger Games.


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