Grammar is like technology. It is enormous, and has numerous concepts. The concepts are for reasons like delivery of meaning; just like few concepts of technology are for the reason of faster communication. After reading an article, your claim will be certainly and sternly denied that you had not come across a concept of grammar that does not have a name. After all, they aren’t Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Although, me and many other people would feel that they are. Because, as long as work keeps going seamlessly, we don’t care to know truths in the grassroots, of concepts associated to English as a whole.


While graduating, most of us avoid making sense in our grammar-usage while preparing presentations, writing exams, reports, assignments, etc. The inspiration lies in either the moderator’s least interest in your grammar over consecutive semesters of paper-checking or our own. What we end up gaining is stacks of knowledge in concepts throughout the graduating years and eventually let volatilize all those attributes of grammar learnt till the high school.

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Times when you might face issues after years of ignoring grammar:


1.When clients will read your mail!

Ever imagined, your clients ignoring your letters, reports and your recent uptakes, for you ignored grammar back in years. Any written piece seems unproductive without a proper usage of grammar. Pay heed to grammar, or pay for your ignorant deed to grammar.


2. When your PowerPoint Presentations won’t make sense!

Ever imagined, what will happen in the presentation room?  Yes! You’re not making sense in the presentation room of your office, while presenting a new project to your bosses and clients. Well, all that for an improper conduct of language and grammar? It’s an unaffordable trade, indeed.


3. When the boss will read your resignation letter!

The last thing any professional would ever want is to correct mistakes in their own resignation letters. Had you not ignored grammar in your young days, your boss wouldn’t have had the final laughter.




Let’s not be educated fools to ignore grammar. Let’s pay attention to grammar, whenever anticipated. Let’s start with a small note on adjectives:


A Note on Adjectives:

The grammar has concepts like participles, articles, adverbs, and phrasal verbs and verbal phrases. But above all, adjectives are the best to know.

May the concept of adjectives be very well-known but it is equally interesting and intriguing. On the other hand they play a critical role in conversations and require a strategic handling by the writer or speaker, unless too common adjectives like “amazing” and “nice” are used, which undeniably reside at tip of our tongues whenever in conversation.

Adjectives are describing-words. They are used to describe things, situations, attributes, happenings, expressions, and so on. Adjectives reflect feelings. Adjectives help you express without making faces. Adjectives can be single words like “awesome” or combined words like “close-ended”. They help in delivering the right message at the right time to the right person, if used in the right manner. In terms of grammar, adjectives describe subjects.


Crazy Grammar Musical!


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