We are proud that we live in a country named India because it is multilingual and because of its culture and traditions and various other reasons. There are some things that only we can do and by which we prove that we are Indians and we keep up our name let’s see what those are….

  1. We find happiness in each and every small thing ( like winning a bet over a vada pav treat)
  2. We are the best dancers and can dance on any numbers E.g. Weddings
  3. Nobody can bargain better then us. We can bargain even over a 10 rupee thing and get down to 8 bugs (wink)
  4. We are best at the Hospitality of guest (Atithi Devo Bhav)
  5. We connect with a stranger in minutes and become friends
  6. We have the best marriages as we put in our hearts
  7. We get emotional in seconds
  8. We will always enjoy the street food over the classy Hotel food
  9. We can do anything for the person we love
  10. We are united and are always there for our neighbors
  11. It’s only in India that neighbors are our first relatives and we do follow it.
  12. Our praise and worship to the almighty is incomparable
  13. We are best a littering places. Even if the dustbin is next to you one will prefer throwing it on the tracks or simply on the road
  14. Nobody can beat our natural paintings done by us with spit of tobacco (grins)
  15. We can shit and pee everywhere
  16. We know how to travel without tickets
  17. Nobody can talk the English we talk (Hinglish)
  18. We have all information about the person next door (panchayat)
  19. We are good at passing bizarre comments on girls
  20. We know how to save money (winks)
  21. Nobody enjoys cricket like we do (smiles)
  22. We can always give free gyan
  23. We can adjust any part of the world
  24. Our culture and tradition is just marvelous


There are some things of the mentioned above that we should be proud of while there are certain things that are putting down our country’s name. So now it is our duty to make our country best in everything and delete all those things that can put our country into shame. So now it depends on us that whether we keep the name or put it down to shame?

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