Don’t we all want a life that is very happy without problems? In short we should get everything easily? Common, I know none of our answers will not be a No? We humans are the laziest creatures on earth. We always want everything to go in favor exactly the way we have planned or the way we want. I am sure after seeing the movie Love Story 1950 we must have even dreamt of a life where everything changes only by you telling and life is very easy. In other words we all want a life like a 3 hours movie where everything is a happy ending very soon and quick. Like in the movie the 6 months is shown like a blink of a eye and a person achieves success within 10 minutes of the dialogue of the protagonist that he will become successful (winks)

Don’t’ we agree with the fact that we want a life similar to a film and especially we Indians are little extra filmy which we can see with our dialogues that we use every now and then when the situation connects. Don’t we do that? Some of the very famous ones’ are Aise bade bade Desho mein aisi choti choti bate hain senorita? Kuch Kuch hota hain.tum nay samjoge….Isn’t the cinema imoacting our life so much that we replicate that anything and everything??? While some of us are like a portable cinema that you have something new always….

Other then this don’t we connect our lives with the movie? Don’t we say that scene is similar to what happened to me or the actor or actress is just me? Aren’t some of lives exactly like a Romantic – Comedy movie? Or isn’t our life a Romantic Comedy? Wherein everything just happens exactly like a movie…Here are some signs that will tell you that your life is a romantic comedy…

  1. You fall in love with a person whom you never thought of would be the one
  2. You have had very emotional and worst of experiences in love
  3. You are or were in a situation of a love triangle
  4. You had so much of bad experience that you decide you will never fall in love again it’s either because you are not finding one or you have had a bad past
  5. You relationship initially has gone under so much of problems that you never thought it would last
  6. Finally just like a happy ending of the movie you and partner have fought against everything and everything is just perfect
  7. You wonder why there is no background music like movies when the situation is just like the movie scene
  8. Finally when you see a Romantic – Comedy you say that’s just me (winks)


These signs we notice at least once in our Lifetime and we say our life is just a movie and I say it’s the best way to live life finding happiness in every little thing that we do (smiles).

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