12 BEAUTIFUL Styles of Draping a Dupatta You Never Knew About



The traditional dupatta was used to cover the head either wrapped or draped across both the shoulders. Over the years it has changed essentially and undergone several forms. The Indians are creative. It has been treated as an accessory in fashion. If we go across the history of the magnificent dupatta – during the 60s, the dupatta was used nominally, a not too wide dupatta was just draped around the neck or hung over the shoulders with short shirts and fitted salwar. In 70s, the dupatta took the form of a sash which again enhanced the beauty of the attire. The younger women especially were attracted towards the style. During the early 80s things took a U – turn and long dupatta around 2.5 meters became the norm.

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However in the late 80s the fashion of the normal dupatta in a broad way came back. During the 90s when three pieces suits came into fashion the dupatta which till now was in plain solid colors, changed to printed-floral, bordered, geometrical, ways. Which thankfully sustains till today in a very elegant way. Today such printed dupattas are the only heavy thing which is worn with a light comfortable dress. It’s a kind of great blessing to the dupattas’s history that this style was introduced. Though the dupatta has always been and still in fashion it is no longer a necessary part of an outfit. There are many standard drapes that everyone knows – here are some other draping styles.


#1 – the simple dupatta on head – drape the dupatta in the traditional old way on the hand and bring it in the front in a U shape. This looks really royal and pretty and suits the brides especially.

#2. – Over arms – drape the one side of the dupatta on your one shoulder while the other part loosely left on your hand. This is best for young girls as it throws a casual touch and suits the respective occasions. This should be used when you want to show your neckline and also keep the dupatta visible.

#3. – Ties to wrists. – This looks very beautiful and mostly proper. Pin up the dupatta on your head and tie the two sections end on your wrist. This looks authentic when you raise your hands any way. It seems you have really worked hard on draping your dupatta well. It suits best for brides especially during the jaimala.

#4. – Double dupatta – use two dupattas. One pleated at one shoulder crisply straight and the other one worn like a sari. This enhances your look and is catchy at any wedding occasions. Make sure to use dupattas with beautiful borders. Not necessary to use heavy works …simple heavy prints or floral works looks best and royal.

#5. – Double dupatta – Use one dupatta on head and the second one from back in a Gujarati style. Also the second dupatta can also be carried gracefully carried the other one across her arm.


#6. – The upper one again can be used in a little creative way. Use the 1st dupatta on the head and drape the second in the Guajarati style but instead of inning it straight, make a small U shape and pin in the other side. The U shape should be visible.

#7. – This is the most elegant way of the dupatta creation. Wrap it like a stole and pin the inside. It will form from the ends of your shoulders and the start to your arms. Pin one strand inside and the other will be visible and kept loose. You can hold it gracefully at times of walking.

#8. – This one is a bit complicated but with great enrichers of royalty. One dupatta is kept on the head. The other one is very long loose drape across the shoulders and tucked to the same elbows. This can be pleated as well for a more gracious look.

#9. – This looks very modern and chick. A single dupatta draped from back to front with the corner showing and forming a triangle in front. Tuck in just one end of the dupatta and pull till the corner makes a triangle with the other end.

#10. – Use a light net dupatta for this. It is the hottest style of draping a dupatta. Use it over the head and keeping the second one pleated with a belt.

#11. – Another hot style is this. Tuck one dupatta worn loosely across chest, keep it bunched at one side of the shoulder and spread from the other covering the chest. The second one is draped over the arm.

#12. – The Bengali style. Drape the dupatta from behind with ends on the shoulder. It will form a U shape at your back. You can use another dupatta if you are a bride over your head. Otherwise this style looks best with a single dupatta which has workings on it.


Try out this amazing styles and also invent something of yours… use the iconic Indian Dupatta at its best.



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