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Once you make the decision of getting married then comes a lot of things for which one gets stressful along with excitement. Some have to not worry about the wedding cost if you are one with the silver spoon in the mouth but those who have a fixed budget have a lot of questions. How will everything get managed? What about the food and guests? There are so many questions and then one really doesn’t know how to go about. So firstly calm down and have a look at the ideas that we have for you…

  1. Wedding venue

Plan a wedding date on other days rather than a Saturday and a location outside city limits. Don’t worry, about the guest those who love you will make it for you, anywhere on any corner of the world (smile)


  1. Food and Drinks

See if you can have your own food. Take the help of your friends maybe someone among them maybe be a brilliant chef. Serve heavy appetizer rather than a sit down meal. Try if you can get your own liquor at the venue as this is this most costly affair.


  1. Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Everyone wants to cherish each and every moment and emotion of the big day but we know how costly it is? So hire someone who has it as side business or a newbie but as long as you can trust the person (winks)


  1. Wedding flowers

They are very important part of the wedding choose those flowers that look best and are cheap.


  1. Decorations

Sometimes, may be the little the better. If your venue is small then only seating arrangement will work the best.


  1. Reception table centerpiece

This sis another big expense but you can reduce it by being a little creative doing it yourself with the help of your friends and relatives (winks)


  1. Brides dress

This can cross the limit of the wedding budget, since every bride wants to look the bets on the day. You can save money on this by shopping wisely or by renting dress


  1. Menswear

Though Men’s clothes aren’t as costly as the bride but you can look for an alternative rather than a tuxedo that will even add to something new


  1. Brides hair and Makeup

You can save a lot on this by either doing it yourself or by getting help from some friend


  1. Brides Jewellery

This too can be costly but can be saved by borrowing jewelry from your friend


  1. Wedding Invitation

Save on it by making it yourself or through emails or face book invitations


These ideas will help you and save you a lot on your wedding day and still have the best of the wedding.

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