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Just like taking a wedding decision is not an easy task in the same manner being a bride is not just looking pretty there are lot of other things to be taken care of. There are certain things every bride must know or you can call them bridal rules that a bride must follow

  1. I will find a veil that suits my face

The bottom line for veil and hairstyles is width adds width and length adds length. If your face is round choose a narrow veil and hairstyle. If your face is long then choose one with volume.

  1. I will use my best feature

Use your best feature. If radiant skin then use a light shining lotion and lips with perfect lip color and gorgeous eyes with false eyelashes.

  1. I will not over accessorize

You veil, your bouquet, your jewelry everything counts as your accessory. So keep it simple and best do not over do it.

  1. I will ensure the dress is fitting

It is really bad to watch a bride constantly watch her tug and pull her dress. So ensure you choose a perfect dress as per you body shape.

  1. I will wear metals that match

This is a bit tacky. If you have white bright dress then goes with pearls. If it’s one wit diamond sand glittery then go for gold and diamonds, if its ivory white dress then gold works. Engagement ring should never be an option but a compulsion as a metal to wear.

  1. I will not hold my bouquet like a trophy

This is a minor detail but something that complements your look. When you walk down the aisle hold the bouquet with the stem with both your hands, hold with your thumbs against the navel and relax your arms

  1. I will not be nervous

Remember all eyes are on you and it’s your days o be confident and stand confidently with upright shoulders and bright eyes.

  1. I will carry a natural smile

Not a thing to be mentioned buts sometimes we overdo even with a smile. Carry a natural mile that complements you and takes all the eyes on you

  1. I will dance confidently

Your first dance and all the eyes will be on you. Even if you haven’t prepared for it stand upright and dance confidently with your spouse

  1. I will not try anything new a month before the wedding day

This is very important. Do not try any new facial or mask on your face one month before the wedding.TRY IT WELL IN ADVANCE.


This is something every bride must take care of for the perfect day and so as to not mess up with anything and get only good compliments and wedding without complaints and regrets.

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