10 Awesome Tips To Become A Super Intern By Shamim Noorani


Super Intern


  1. Challenge yourself by taking up new projects and always have a positive attitude.
  2. You need to be organized and complete your work on time.
  3. Your attitude towards work should reflect that you are very serious about the internship.
  4. Followup on your tasks and keep your seniors informed about the progress of your work.
  5. Ask for help / feedback / suggestions from the ones whom you admire or who can mentor you.
  6. Step outside your comfort zone and clear your doubts / queries timely.
  7. Make an effort to learn and be ready to fail as many times as you can. Failing is the best way to learn and experiment new things.
  8. Don’t get bored or demotivated if you are asked to do any task again and again.
  9. Track your progress and have a check on the ways to improve for the better.
  10. Take initiatives and don’t just consider it as a job / internship. Employers look out for passionate people and if you are one of them, then you have high chances to get recruited for a full time position in future.


By Shamim Noorani, BMS Graduate (2013-14)


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