Your Guide To Some Really Beautiful Braids!


Braids have truly been rocking it.There are so many ways to wear them and look superb. Here are the different types of braids you can try:-

Tie back

The Tie-Back. Using the pieces of hair in front of your ears, make a braid on each side and secure them together in the back. Fluffing the hair underneath is optional, but it’s a great way to look adorable and keep your hair down but out of the way.


The Downward Milkmaid. This is achieved by loosely French-braiding pigtails and crossing them across one another at the neckline. The braids can be easily held in place by bobby pins.


The Over-The-Shoulder. So easy: Grab all your hair over one shoulder and braid straight down. If some hair falls loose, it looks really organic and intentional.

Inverted Braid


The Inverted Braid. This is achieved by braiding the 3 sections of hair under one another instead of over. It makes an exposed braid whose grain travels in an inverted chevron, and it’s a cool twist on a normal French-braid.

How To Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail. While you’re used to designating three sections for a braid, when you’re starting a fishtail you start with just two. Split the hair down the middle and take a tiny piece from the outside of the right section and cross it to the inside of the left.

Now take a tiny section from the outside of the left and join it with the inside of the right. You don’t have to keep track of all the pieces, just let them blend into the two main locks of hair. You’ll start to see the fishtail braid emerge.


The Tuck. This tidy touch is achieved by tucking the tail of the braid under the main section and fastening it with bobby pins. It makes for a self-contained braid that is very functional.


The Fringe-Braid. Having a greasy bangs morning? French-braiding your bangs from the front section closest to the part and tying them off once they’re out of your way is a great option over shampooing to get one more day out of your style. But this braid serves a great purpose and it looks adorable.

Traditional Milkmaid

The Traditional Milkmaid. It’s just two braided pigtails crossed atop the head. It’s elegant and effortless, and can be dressed up or down.



Braids are a fantastic accessory for spring because they’re not just pretty, they’re functional, too.So wear them with panache!



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Riya Lokhande


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