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In the world of technological development and futuristic, world cinema finds itself in a jeopadyof choices with one of the last films to be ever shot in celluloid, we ask ourselves that if old is really gold anymore? With the advent of new camera technology and DSLR pure digitals, we have come to question the need of glory days, but let daddy speak for himself.

Celluloid: – It is as close a technology can get to replicate Mother Nature. With self- contained exposure, a developed film can mimic a human eye. The resolution is resulted as 25,000,000, but some bad sides to this procedure neither are that the cameras heavy nor can they be handled. The film needs to be digitalized for editing in software’s like FCP, ADOBE PREMIER. A backyard filmmaker will have a horrendous task to get a super expensive camera and pay 36,000$ for 1000 meters of film for 11-12 minutes of film.


Digital: – Digital videos are generally sad on quality compared on their older counter parts. Exposed digital film vomits color on red light depending on is exposure even blue and green depending on temperatures. It has a maximum resolution of 12000000. But to every con there are pros too. Cameras are cheaper the cost of film and the camera will cost you anything around 320$.There is lesser step to edit this film. They use lighter cameras in digital. We can archive sizes too smaller dimensions like 2mp 8 mp 16mp etc.


    Directors taking an agreement story first approach always use the oldie techniques to name a few Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Jean-Luc Godard to name a few. While for the ones where innovational and technological tools are required such as CGI for a futuristic look directors like Neill Blomkam, Matt Reves, Danny Boyle, Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron would rely on digital.

Word of advice for the indie filmmakers out there you can generally easily lay hands on digital but film is still and always takes mastery. A technology like film is timeless literally as it can survive temperatures of 1 degree Celsius for over 2000 years. But for newer technology a much deserved hybrid is on the way with companies like Sony and IBM coming up with 125tb hard disk type cassettes to bring revolution in near future.


– Aditya Chavan

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