Womens: The Empowerment of our life


Womens are “an adult human female”
Who plays different character in the condition of being able to function and grow, wherin she plays the role and character of a mother, sister, a better half of a male, she takes best initiative to desire all the role
Womens are the backbone of the every family Sonia Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams have set a great example to our upcoming youth. Today’s modern women’s plays both role of working female and housewife…………………
She is one who has resulted from a good luck where god made a grace on her to give a birth to a new life from a good luck where god made a grace on her to give a birth to new life from her womb which become a part of her body. She is one of the phenomenal mother where she liberalize and always stimulate
The interest in her young human being. In India Womens were treated as an admiration and particular aspects in our country. Today a feminine is not at all have strong cabinet with a complex lock in her surroundings. How can we forget the horrific period of 16th December 2012 where 23 year old women was raped in a private bus? India is endemic. Around 70% of a women in India are victim of domestic violence. According to National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime an against women is committed every three minutes, women is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes and one case of crudely committed by either the husband or relative of husband occurs. She lives in an area around a person where feminine is molested, raped and even killed by some of the devil
Womens are the part of people in an ordered community they must have sort of admiration and even an adult human
Male should obliged to do something to an adult human female. Womens are becoming very futuristic and they are forthcoming development of our society and they needed to be protected predicament.


Women is a part of society
Treat her with admiration
She is the womb for the young human being
Where we nourish live and expanse.

Women are exhort feminine
They are exiguous but play different characters
Wherein her experience is full of explore
Which help us to explode our problems

Womens are polyethylene
She needed to protected
So that every feminine have their pollster
And to be have pride as a girl


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Tolani College of Commerce is a commerce college in Andheri East, Mumbai, India.

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Tolani College
Tolani College of Commerce is a commerce college in Andheri East, Mumbai, India.


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