A kid , we were but now we are a teen in our language big boys or girls . As time passes the things situation , responsibilities and we changes which is necessary . But we changes faster than the time and the changes required .


The kids lovely &cutest smile gives relief &makes a sad face smile but ours smile no no no ours is grin just to showcase and to create impression . A word by them makes happy to everyone but our harsh words only hurts someone .

Parents are world for them . They always wants to hold their parents hand but we feel shy so we leave them . They speak truth even they get scolded but we lie to escape from such circumstances . They can’t bear a drop of tear on their mother’s cheek so come running and wipes it up . But what we do??? We allow that tears to wet her cheeks . They waits for their father to come home at night but our father waits for us to see our smile . They never hurt their parents and we make them smile sometimes. kids like to talk, play and learn from family , friends and teachers but we had replaced this experienced with cell phones. With which we are addicted to.

They fell and get up again & again till they reaches at their destination but we are scared of failure so there is no try .They love to explore & learn new things whereas we love to follow just like trend . They roam around with confidence whereas we with ego . They honestly accept their mistakes and we only love to blame by ignoring our responsibilities . Their hobby is to fight with love with their siblings but we once fight stops talking . For them teachers are everything. For them teachers words are truth and everything and everyone are wrong . Think for us ?? Do we give the respect that they deserve ? Do we fulfill our responsibilities? Have we lost our values? Think!!!
There is a common thing found in both is that , they love to enjoy full heartedly but wait . They like to enjoy with their family and friends whereas we just with girlfriend or boyfriend !

The kids are our teachers from whom we need to re-learn this things which were thought to us in our childhood by our parents , family , teachers and friends . Why should we miss our childhood ? Why don’t we re-live it in our present with honesty ? Its our time to be honest , polite , responsible , confident , innovators and most importantly a good child of our parents and always keep them happy as they do . Finally , its our time to re-learn valuable values from a kid called GOD .

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